First woman wins senior event

Jul 17, 2006 11:41 PM

This year’s Seniors World Poker Championship was the largest such competition ever. As records fall, 1,184 players flooded into the Rio to compete for over a million dollars in prize money, including $247,814 for first place.

When the dust cleared, a 61-year-old grandmother from New Mexico, Clare Miller, became the first woman to ever win the Seniors (50 years and older) event.

The first player to exit the final table was poker writer and commentator John Vorhaus, who took home $24,292 for ninth.

Stan Schirer went out next. The Nebraskan finished eighth, good for $26,936.

Doug Schuller, a concrete dispatcher from Fresno, cemented a seventh-place finish and $32,323.

Popular pro Ron Rose earned $37,710 for sixth.

Next auto dealer David Claiborne drove off with $43,098 for fifth place.

Judy Carlson, the other lady at the final table, ended up as the fourth-place finisher, adding $53,872 to her poker brankroll.

Third place went to Jake "Doc" Wells, a vet who galloped off with $74,882 in prize money.

The final hand of the tournament came when Mike Nargi was dealt pocket threes and moved all-in. Miller, holding queen-eight suited, called. The final board showed 10-4-2-6-8. An eight on the river eliminated Nargi and gave Miller her victory.