Colorado casinos ring up (another!) 15% gain

Jan 29, 2001 6:17 AM

For the second straight year, statewide Colorado casinos rang up a 15 percent increase in gaming revenues.

About 70 percent of the revenue came from casinos in Black Hawk, and the rest from Cripple Creek and Central City.

Overall, the state reported a record $631.8 million in gaming revenue, up from $551 million in 1999. Last year’s win matched the 15 percent increase notched in 1999.

The 2000 revenue produced $82.1 million in tax proceeds for the state.

Indiana Closer To Dockside Gambling

Indiana House recently sent a sweeping casino measure to the state senate.

Indiana took a huge step toward approving dockside casinos when the state House passed a measure that legalized dockside gambling, authorized off-track betting in Orange County and raised taxes on casinos.

The bill will be reviewed by the state senate, which may not act on it until February or March.

Indiana riverboat casino operators have clamored for dockside gambling ever since Illinois approved it in 1999.

Since then, Illinois has enjoyed an increase in gaming revenue.

California May Pull In Reins On Tribal Casinos

State regulators said the gaming commission may assert control of slot machine allocation.

The chairman of California’s Gaming Commission proclaimed yesterday that the agency has the power to allocate slot machines among the burgeoning tribal gaming industry.

Tribes have so far included the number of slot machines within their compacts with the state.

The commission maintains, however, that state law limits the number of slot machines that can be allocated.

Tribal leaders said it’s unclear whether the commission can issue slot machine licenses, and that the matter may have to be resolved in court.

Connecticut Towns Want $10 Million Bonus

A coalition of Connecticut towns is seeking a bigger piece of the state’s slot revenue pie.

Towns in the Southeastern Connecticut Council have requested the state legislature distribute an additional $10 million a year in casino slot revenue.

The towns specifically want a third of the $30 million that new slot machines at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are expected to generate.

Those two casinos are completing expansion projects that will increase the total slot machines at the two casinos from 8,800 to 12,000.

Municipal officials said Tuesday they would seek more slot revenue from the General Assembly.

"Connecticut residents entered into a bargain with the state of Connecticut that at least 78 percent would go to municipalities," said Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy, who is president of the state’s largest association of cities and towns.

The cities and towns of Connecticut want a larger slice of the state’s slot revenue pie, which they claim has shrunk from about 78 percent to 40 percent since 1996.

Foxwoods is located in Ledyard, Conn., while Mogean Sun is in Uncasville, Conn.

Tribe Sues Feds To Block Another Casino

The St. Croix Chippewa tribe doesn’t want a casino near its two casinos!

The St. Croix Chippewa tribe filed suit yesterday against the U.S. Dept. of Interior to block its approval of a planned casino in Hudson, Wisconsin.

The St. Croix operate casinos in Turtle Lake and Danbury, which could be affected by a new casino in Hudson.

The lawsuit claims the new casino would impact the city of Hudson, nearby homes, proposed schools and the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway.

No New Casinos In Wisconsin

Wisconsin will reject any plans for new casinos in the state, according to Lt. Gov. Scott McCallum, who assumes the governorship after Tommy Thompson is confirmed as the next health and human services secretary.

McCallum said the state would not renege on any past commitments to approve tribal casinos, but emphasized he would veto any expansion of casino gambling in Wisconsin.

Thompson is expected to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate next week.

McCallum has long been an opponent of gambling and has vowed to resist any expansion of gambling in the state.

Autotote To Upgrade Turf Paradise

The Arizona racetrack has signed a contract to upgrade its OTB and on-site facilities.

Autotote Corporation announced today it has signed a $5 million, 10-year contract to provide a major upgrade of equipment and services to Turf Paradise racetrack in Phoenix.

The new system — which includes totalisators, teller, terminals and related equipment — will go online beginning June 1 at Arizona’s 39 OTB’s, and will be installed at the Arizona oval by early September, when it reopens for live racing.

Randy Fozzard, GM at Turf Paradise, said the upgrade was part of an "overall remodeling of both our on-track and off-track operations."

Finding ‘Stone Love’ in a spa

Experiencing the gentle art of massage

by: Ernie Alderete

If you’re a massage devotee like me, searching for the next level of pleasure, for the ultimate thrill, try a "hot stone" treatment!

This rocky recipe was cooked up by a woman in beautiful, boulder strewn Sedona, Arizona. She was inspired by the monumental nature surrounding her. The treatment employs 54 smooth, rounded, riparian, dark basalt rocks heated to 137 degrees Fahrenheit in a medical office style auto-clave.

Getting Stoned

I must admit, I was extremely skeptical when I first heard about a "stone" massage. I thought to myself, "how could any inanimate tool replace the power, sensitivity and feel of the human hand. How could a stone-age tool be comfortable, let alone the implement of carnal ecstasy."

But curiosity got the best of me; my imagination was fired; I had to try it. To my surprise, it was not only extremely pleasurable, but I think the most therapeutic style of massage. It, of course, relaxes stress and tension like any type of massage, but also is supremely effective in combating aches, pain and general stiffness. It combines the best aspects of massage with heat therapy, but a heat more delicious than any electrical pad or stinky salve could deliver.

First you disrobe, like for any regular massage, and lay face up on a standard table. Then the practitioner gently lifts you to an upright, sitting position, while he lays a double bed of stones on the table, called a "spinal row," but the twin rows actually parallel the spine. Just lying on the stones brought me a surprising sense of relief, and suspension like floating in a sensory deprivation, or meditation tank. He cushioned the stones beneath my back with folded linen pillowcases, to prevent excessive heat searing my skin. Then he placed large stones under the cupped palms of my hands and a smaller one at the center of my forehead right between my eyes.

As my eyes were closed, it came as quite a surprise when he placed smooth, warm pebbles between my toes. While I expected those pebbles between my digits to slip out and fall to the floor they never did.

The Pleasure of Pebbles

I soon learned that the larger the stone, the greater the conductivity for heat. The pebbles and smaller stones cooled quickly, while the larger stones, used to actually massage my body, retained greater heat for a longer time.

Just when I thought I had experienced every trick my Bedrock masseur had in store for me, he caught me off guard with a different, but complimentary technique. He applied counterstrokes with a frozen piece of snow-white marble! The frigid strokes glided over my already very well oiled legs, and upward thrusts to my aching bottom, rejuvenating my hind quarters, seemingly countering the effects of years of gravitational drag.

Then he took a pair of freshly heated stones and retraced the same ground, or rather flesh, he had just chilled. It gave me a refreshing, tingling sensation. I was so well oiled, I practically slid off the table. I enjoyed my solitary shower, my hands caressing my flesh where he had awakened new feelings.

I sampled several custom products available in the gleaming shower. A wonderfully aromatic lavender shampoo, then a marvelous loofah body scrub that I could not get enough of. And finally, an aloe-based body gel. My receptive body still craved sensation, and this was the perfect cushion, or bridge back to reality.

Before I hit the streets, I spent a few minutes decompressing in the tiled steam room. I set the timer myself and selected the temperature. And dreamed of my next treatment!

Ole Hendrickson

The facilities at Ole Hendrickson are all first rate. Like an authentic Japanese bath house in the heart of West Hollywood, with rice paper partitions blocking off rooms, Asian Art setting just the right ambience. Your masseur, or masseuse will serve you a pot of Oriental tea while you’re soaking in your hot tub. They can order in lunch from a Chinese restaurant next door.


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