Hotlanta won’t quit!

Jul 18, 2006 5:35 AM

Since the All Star break there have been some possessed teams that seem to on a mission. For how long, it remains to be seen.

For starters the Atlanta Braves, whose bats have really come alive. It’s almost like Barry Bonds sent them some clear cream to run on those muscles that were hurting after their dismal start. I seriously doubt that.

I think that with a great manager like Bobby Cox, he just would not let them quit. I believe the Braves will continue to make a late run at the playoffs.

The Pirates have also displayed more spunk and I do think they will play much improved ball the second half/Pittsburgh could be a good play as a nice dog.

The Reds have also perked up, sweeping the stubborn Colorado Rockies four straight. Also, the Cardinals look to be really streaking. St. Louis had won seven straight as we went to press and faced the Braves in a big three-game midweek series at the new Busch.

The Yankees may still put it together, making a statement against the White Sox with a three-game sweep. And, what about Anaheim? Looks like an angel with wings was found in the outfield after posting six straight victories heading into a series with the Indians.

Second half helpers

Some betting possibilities for final 81 games of the regular season:

”¡ The Red Sox play 44 games at home, where they have a .729 winning percentage.

”¡ The Tigers play 41 games at home, where they have a .650 winning percentage.

”¡ The Twins play 41 games at the H-Dome where they win at a super .750 clip.

”¡ The Padres play 40 games on the road, where they are most always a dog. San Diego is winning at a .609 clip away from Petco Park so if you’re in need of a good dog play follow those Padres on the road.

”¡ The Cubs play 42 home games but, with Prior and Wood out and the possible trade of Maddux, I don’t believe all those home contests will help much. However, their diehard fans will still turn out at Wrigley to root for Cubbies.

”¡ The Marlins play 43 home games. If those young arms don’t get tired, they just could have a better second half than first.

Hilton missed one

The Las Vegas Hilton put up its key college games, but the one I was looking for was not on its list. They did open Ohio State as a 1½ point favorite over Texas at Darrell K. Royal Stadium in Austin, where there will be 80,000-plus fans. This matchup, just as last year’s in Columbus when Texas got a late score to pull out a 25-22 win and basically stopped the Buckeyes from going to the championship game, could mean the season for Ohio State.

The -1½ looks like a good lay as the Buckeyes will get their revenge here. The Buckeyes could carry that victory into an undefeated season if they get past Penn State and Michigan at home. I really wanted to play the fourth game of the season when Ohio State will get big time revenge against Joe Paterno’s Nittany Lions in Ohio Stadium. You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be some I dotting in this game, especially if the Buckeyes defeat the Longhorns.

A little footnote: The Ohio State spring game only drew 63,000 plus fans to watch this game in the Big Horseshoe. Wow!

At last, Del Mar!

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