Rockin’ the Nugget

Jul 24, 2006 3:57 AM

I have been talking about this for months. Downtown Las Vegas continues to evolve, hopefully for the better. Among other things, the old post office is becoming a museum and the Golden Nugget is adding plenty of upgrades.

From an entertainment standpoint, I’ve heard that Joe Leon has partnered with David Saxe to book a room at the Golden Nugget. We’ll see.

The folks at the Nugget are expanding their showroom, but not too much. They want to retain the intimate, old-time flavor. Good for them!

We know that Gordie Brown is headed to the Venetian, and that Tony Bennett is the Golden Nugget spokesman. What can David Saxe bring to the Nugget? As I said, Buck Wild, the Saxe show will be closing, so maybe there’s a Nugget in its future.

Christi Brinkley, the former super model and her architect husband, Peter Cook will divorce after 10 years of marriage. This is the third or fourth divorce for Christi but is it the result of Cook having an affair with his 19-year-old assistant and wanna be singer, Diana Bianchi? All reports say yes.

How can anyone cheat on a beautiful woman like Christie Brinkley? Rumor has it that Diana has now ended the affair, so it looks like Christie will have the last laugh.

In the same vein, Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson are a marriage made in heaven. These two cannot stay away from each other. This is their second engagement. In trying to explain, you will remember when Kid Rock proposed to Pamela a year ago, he blew up a new Cadillac, but I hear all is forgiven. Wedding is July 29, planned on a yacht in Saint Tropez. I’m currently looking for new deck shoes (my Topsiders are out-of-date).

Rumor has it that the Sahara has been sold. This is a big rumor. I am not saying it is a done deal, but it looks like it will go through.

The Stardust will be the next to be imploded and they are ending the run with a lot of the old stars, showgirls and specialty acts. They will be charging $100 a person. Steve and Edie will be the last act to play the Stardust.

Paige O’Hara, the star of Menopause, is back from a two week vacation with her husband. You have to see this show.

For the moment the Tropicana is status quo as Aztar prepares to be acquired. The Follies Bergere is the show that comes to mind when someone thinks of Las Vegas. Gorgeous showgirls, fabulous singing and dancing, the Follies entertains about 40,000 fans a month. This show is a true Las Vegas legend.

Again, have we all watched America Has Idiots, oops, I mean America Has Talent? Jeff Beacher is set to open at the Imperial Palace and is auditioning specialty acts.

The Blue Man Group moved over from the Luxor to the Venetian. I hear FAO Schwartz the country’s most prestigious toy store, is launching The Blue Man Group’s musical instrument line. These will be exclusively available through mid-August at FAO Schwartz and include both Keyboard Experience and Percussion Tubes. Now, with the album and commercials and stuff, the Blue Boys seem to be on a real big roll.

My congratulations go out to Madeline Weekly, who is working on The Producers, and brand new shopping at Bally’s and the Paris.

The Scintas opened to a gala of 800 or 900 people at the Sahara with a new show that is spectacular. Among the guests was Danny Gans who made a rare appearance. It was one of the most wonderful openings this town has ever had and again, they are picking up business and I wish them all the luck.

The Mentalist, Gerry McCambridge, is headlining again at the Stardust. It’s a unique act, amazing and funny.

If you like to eat, Le Provencal at the Paris, features original French-Italian cuisine. You feel as if you truly are dining in a little European village. Excellent food and excellent service — you can’t beat that combo.

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