If Roy has to play Boise,
give me Vicious Vivian

Jul 25, 2006 5:25 AM

There are some intriguing matchups in the coming week, but the only odds I’ve been able to find are on a fight that, quite frankly, is not one of them. However, the chalk used to be the best in the world.

More appropriate is the location. Boise, Idaho is about as off-Broadway as you can get. The opponent is something named Prince Badi Ajamu. Don’t let the exotic name fool you. The kid was born and lives in Camden, N.J., one of the worst dumps I’ve ever lived in — and that includes the South Bronx.

The Prince has a 25-2-1 record and must be the bottom of the barrel because that’s who Roy Jones Jr. has picked to oppose him in this delusional attempt next Saturday night to prove he’s not finished. Can you imagine Sir Laurence Olivier or Elvis playing Boise? Not even when they were alive. To charge $25 for the privilege of watching on pay-per-view television seems indictable.

I won’t insult you by mentioning other bouts on this revolting card. Jones is -400, Ajamu +300. Say this for the underdog, he has Buddy McGirt in his corner. If there’s any trainer out there who knows how to beat Jones it is McGirt. Buddy trained Antonio Tarver on that mission.

I can’t get excited over the past performances on the Prince’s slate. He lost a majority decision to Otis Grant in 2004. That’s not too bad, but he lost widely on points the year before to the very ordinary Rico Hoye. Rico has beaten no one.