Busted players get 2nd chance

Aug 8, 2006 2:05 AM

Carol, for the past several years you have been hosting out at The Orleans the Second Chance Charity No Limit Hold’em Tournament, which gave a second chance to players who lost all of their chips in the World Series of Poker.

Not only were the players back in action, but they had a chance to win $100,000 or more. No, it’s not a million, but it’s still a lot of money.

It was a wonderful no limit poker tournament in which you started the players off with $5,000 in chips and gave them the opportunity to re-buy an additional $5,000 in tournament chips if they went broke in the early rounds by contributing to The Seniors Charities.

We presented this second chance tournament to the Binion’s at the old Horseshoe, but they did not wish to have the tournament. They were concerned that it would take away some of the prestige of the $10,000 championship of the WSOP.

So we offered the idea to Palace Station, then we moved the Second Chance tournament over to The Orleans.

Well as everyone knows, Harrah’s bought the World Series of Poker and took the ball and ran with it. Thousands of people now play in the WSOP events.

Moreover, Harrah’s decided to have a lot of second chance tournaments of their own, which are currently ongoing, no doubt catching a lot of the players who are being eliminated from the main event.

So we had to create a different kind of Second Chance No Limit Tournament for the players who had lost all of their chips in the big $10,000 championship event.

Carol, there are so many big online poker rooms and they send thousands of players each year to the WSOP.

So we partnered up with some of our friends in cyberspace and presented them with a new idea: Why not make your package bigger and create a fund for a second chance so that when your customers lose all their chips in the big $10,000 event at the World Series, they can just come across the street to the Gold Coast for a free roll.

That was the genesis of our Second Chance (Bounty) No Limit Charity Poker Tournament.

A $200,000 prize pool was arranged so that there was no entry fee or cost to the players who were invited to play.

First place would pay $50,000 plus all the $2,000 bounties that the winners could collect from 10 well known poker players.

The remaining $150,000 would be awarded to the winners among the invited players.

Next year we plan to increase the prize pool and request the dot-com to put up a $1,000,000 free roll for the poker players.

E-mail me at [email protected] and I will tell you how you may be invited to play in next year’s event.

This year’s tournament was moved over to the Gold Coast, a sister casino of The Orleans.

All of the invited second chance poker players were from the players who were knocked out of the final $10,000 event of the WSOP.

They just walked over from the Rio on Saturday (August 5) and found a seat reserved for them.

I played as a bounty in the second chance tournament and the player who busted me received a cash bounty of $2,000.

Yes, folks, I did reach the final table and went out 10th. But it was a nice afternoon of friendly poker and I was awarded $3,000 for my 10th place finish.

Our daughter "Oklahoma Sarah" was also selected to play as a bounty and finished on the bubble, just out of the money.

Sarah was also the entertainment for the poker players as she sang "The Gambler" at high noon.

She did a great job and the poker players gave her a standing ovation.

Many of the poker players that were still in the big one at the Rio were interested in your second chance tournament and wanted it to succeed. I know this because many of them sent their good wishes.

OK-J Poker Tip of the Week

When you find that you are in a loose poker game with a lot of the players playing a lot of pots, you should not play in many pots; play tight and only play very good hands.

When you find that you are in a very tight game and not very many players are playing in the pots, don’t play as tight as you would in a loose game — take control and bet very often.

You will like it and you can take the money home and count it there.

Remember to stay lucky.