Rampart/Cannery debuts
free horse racing contest

Aug 8, 2006 6:22 AM

Speaking of great contests, the Cannery and Rampart casinos kick off a new one this weekend, the $5,000 Horse Handicappers Contest. And the best part is the contest is free!

On Sunday, Aug. 13, and continuing the second Sunday of every month, the Cannery and Rampart casinos will give away $5,000 in prize money for selecting horses in the first eight races at the current Southern California racetrack (currently it’s Del Mar).

All that’s required to enter is a race and sports Players Club ID card.

Once signed up, contestants must pick one horse in each race, which must be turned in after the current race becomes official and prior to the post time of the next race.

There are two ways to win a piece of the $5,000 prize pool.

The first, the Champion’s Pool, awards points based on the winning horses’ pari-mutuel payoff. The contestant with the most points after eight races is the winner.

First place in the Champion’s Pool pays $2,000, with $750 to second, $350 to third, $250 to fourth and $150 to fifth place.

The other way to win is by picking the most horses to finish in the money. In the contest’s Show 8 Pool, contestants receive one point each time their horse hits the board, that is, finishes first, second or third.

After eight races, the contestant with the most Show 8 points wins the $1,500 prize.

In the event of ties, winners will split the pots.

For details and complete rules, check out the Cannery or Rampart race and sports books.