Doctor has the cure — beats offshore books for $9M

Jan 30, 2001 6:51 AM

Is there a doctor in the house?

"Please say no!"

So say Caribbean offshore bookies who’ve been made quite "ill" by a bettor they call "The Doctor."

According to a source in the islands, a sports bettor has beaten them out of more than $9 million betting on baseball unders.

The source told GamingToday, "He beat us for $450,000 at our joint alone. But, hey, what’s a few dollars for medicine?"

The word is that "The Doctor" has been applying his practice for three years.

When he arrived, he was busted and had to borrow money to get into practice.

The source said, "He was sending money to us every Friday. About a year ago, he had us standing in line for our medicine."

On last year’s Major League All-Star game in Atlanta, "The Doctor" played under and won $250,000.


What’s the doctor up to now?

"He’s practicing on the NBA. Gawd help us," the source told GamingToday. "He’s doing great there. He’s amazing. Some people threw in the towel. I’m going to leave my flag in my pocket."