‘Hit and run’ tactics put
casino bosses on tilt

Aug 28, 2006 4:38 AM

If there’s anything casinos really don’t like, it’s players who walk in, sit down, win a few or a lot of bucks and leave.

You see, while they’re planning for the long term they expect their players will at least try to comply.

And that means being the type that thinks he can beat the casinos at their own game by sitting for hours on end piling up those all important points until the well finally goes dry.

Take a good look at how you play video poker. If you’re a local, first, God bless you. Just making it to the casino and home again in one piece after having to deal with the Las Vegas traffic is a victory of sorts.

But how do you actually play the game? If you’re in the vast majority, you will play as long as you have the time, and whether or not you hit a royal on your very first hand is irrelevant. You just wanna play because you gotta play.

Most locals want to bring an extra few bucks home to make life a little easier, right. So then why, if you sit at the bar, order a beer and hit four Aces for $200 immediately, do you not just get up and go home?

Some people are blinded by the math geeks and their senseless long-term theories that say you should sit and play for as long as you possibly can, and only on machines guaranteed to win in the so-called "long run."

For others, they simply can’t just get up and leave because they’re either having a great time or their addiction is too compelling.

The bottom line is you’re casino management’s best friend if you stay. Why? Because their only friends are the ones who deposit as much money into the machines as possible.

The problem with most video poker players — regardless if they live in town or come in for their many yearly visits — is once they play and lose they start surfing the Internet for answers. It is hardly a daunting task locating pie-in-the-sky/Shangri-La type websites that always have their hands out for gambling money.

What they mainly find is this guru or that guru willing to charge them for their advice, "experts" who’ll make them pay to go to one of their "optimal-play" classes, a variety of famous names that will gladly hand over a strategy card, video or practice software in return for their credit card number.

Then out of severe frustration, they eventually find me. Coming across a site (www.vptruth.com) that is run by a true professional video poker player who actually wins enough so as not to need your credit card at every turn of the page, visitors are refreshed to see both the truth and how they can copy anything they like for free about the author’s winning play strategies.

In addition, I offer up videos on my views about the game, many articles about why it is to the player’s extreme advantage to get up and leave all the excitement and points behind while you go home with the money, and an overview of the results of the most successful video poker player ever. It draws many criticisms, but I have yet to lose an argument with anyone who disagrees or pretends to disagree.