Try art for a change

Aug 29, 2006 2:04 AM

A nice place to relax in a non-Vegas atmosphere is the Art Bar downtown. True to its name, the lounge/night club/billiard parlor has a nice art and photograph collection of local celebs (myself included!).

Also on display are works featuring Oscar Goodman, President Bush and Bill Gates, to name a few. The owner of the bar, Jesse, is also one of the better Elvis impersonators in town.

Speaking of the King, what is happening with Steve Connoly, who is leaving the show, The Spirit of Elvis, at the Fitzgerald. The Fitz, which has had some great entertainment, ranging from the Men from Russia to Justin Tranz, is now featuring Bottoms Ups which has been a mainstream in Las Vegas for the last 40 years. Its last outing was at the Flamingo, but news has it that Breck Wall is in a hospital at this very moment, but they assure us he will be opening on time.

Las week I had written about so many tickets available. As I said, they were scheduling the Phantom for only two 10 o’clock shows and maybe put a matinee here and there.

We know Celine is doing big business, but why are the reporters reporting that Bette Midler and Cher will be opening very soon? It’s pretty much a signed deal.

I reported many months ago that Bette Midler had almost a signed deal with Wynn Properties, but at the last moment the deal fell apart.

And the bombs just keep on falling. Joining the failure of Avenue Q, Hairspray, and We Will Rock You, it isn’t looking good for the Producers? Is it going to open? Is it not going to open? Is it on hold?

Reportedly, there was an article from the N.Y. Times about Broadway not doing well in Las Vegas. When people come to Las Vegas they spend three days. They will pick one show, go shopping, sightseeing, gambling, Hoover Dam and the last stop is usually the Liberace Museum.

Nowadays, when you talk big shows you’re talking Danny Gans at the Mirage, O at the Bellagio, but again Mama Mia is a bona fide hit.

Let’s not forget the Jerry Lewis Telethon on Labor Day Weekend. He will be using all the local acts and celebrities, but for some reason, he didn’t call me again. Thanks an awful lot, Jerry.

Over at Sam’s Town, an old friend of mine is putting on the Ultimate Variety Showcase. Every Tuesday starting September 12 from 8:30 p.m. until 12:30 a.m., the show is hosted and produced by the Bald Brothers, Jay Kessler and Doug Price. So, attention professional entertainers, comics, singers, musicians, and novelty acts — call Sam’s Town and be part of this Ultimate Variety Show.

This Tuesday the Peter Max Gallery will feature first ever visual press conference live and high speed internet connection in which artist Peter Max will communicate virtually through plasma screen at the gallery, taking the media in Las Vegas on a personal tour of the renown studios in New York.

I want to say that one of the things that got my attention was the firing of Bob Salter, the anchor at KTNV TV channel 13. What’s the problem here?

Of course, Kevin Janison the meteorologist was fired because they wanted a younger guy. Is this some kind of weeding out process? If over 50 is old and I’m 60, I better find a plastic surgeon to shave off a few decades.

Someone who doesn’t need any lifts is Tom Jones, who I saw this week, and continues to be in top form.

Ah, the joy of entertaining.

Over at the MGM Grand, Rouge, an upscale, 24-hour lounge overlooking the casino floor, just opened. This is the perfect place to engage in a game of video poker, catch the action of major sporting events on state-of-the-art plasma screens or just enjoy people watching.

The decor in this joint is ultra chic. The striking red and black contemporary design creates the perfect backdrop for an ultimate cocktail experience. The bar’s standout feature is the Adam Tihany-designed backlit projection wall of glass bottles that flicker with a variety of sensuous images.

For pampering, Monti Rock-style, there’s a sophisticated staff, wearing Tadashi designs, serves an array of specialty infused cocktails, champagnes, fine wines, specialty beers and cordials. Rouge is in the space formerly occupied by Teatro.

Have you seen that the Dueling Divas — Frank Marino and Kenny Kerr — have buried the hatchet?

At least until they’ve milked the PR for their next show. Then, stand back as the feathers will fly!