Game time! The
envelope, please

Sep 5, 2006 8:13 AM

The NFL kicks off this week and we’re ready. The opening week’s numbers have been out for awhile, but they haven’t moved much so I’ll use them as openers.

Tennessee Titans -2½ vs. New York Jets: As a short home favorite Tennessee should be able to handle a Martin-less Jet team who had to wait a long time to pick their starting quarterback. Coming off surgery, I don’t think he can throw long, and Tennessee’s defense should realize that by the end of the first quarter.

Baltimore Ravens +3 vs. Tampa Bay: I love new quarterback Steve McNair and Ray Lewis and I think they can slow down the listless offense of Tampa Bay. Look for a low score here.

Seattle Seahawks -3½ vs. Detroit: Although I believe Detroit will be an improved team (especially offensively) I don’t think they can control the league’s best team of last year. Hasselback and Alexander will lead the Seahawks, and their stout defense may make new offensive coordinator Mike Martz wish he was still in St. Louis.

Indianapolis Colts -3½ vs. New York Giants: Even though I think Peyton’s little brother is more athletic than Peyton, I don’t believe he is nearly as cerebral. Reading defenses and having experienced receivers will keep Peyton on top of the heap. It figures to be a tough day for the family — father Archie may sit on one side and mom on the other.

Minnesota Vikings +6 and under 37 vs. Redskins: Take a shot with the Vikings and under on Monday night. Neither team figures to score more than the teens and plus 6 may be an enormous number.

Note: If none of these cash for you, I promise to give you a free slate in Week 2.

Tiger Woods: The greatest golfer you’ll ever see has done all the duffers a great service last week. By shooting four consecutive bogeys he helped all golf courses across the planet by encouraging the average golfer that even the best can goof up once in a while. I look for golf to have a tremendous upswing now as even I may go back to shooting a round every now and then (mostly "then" for me).

Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is apparently displeased with the performance of rookie Manager Joe Girardi and his way of managing the team. After watching his team last Sunday Jeff should be more concerned with his promotions department. It looked to me that Las Vegas High School had more people in attendance, well, maybe not but the Las Vegas 51s would certainly give them a run for their money.

Maybe the PR Department should run a "I hate Castro day" every Sunday. I’m sure they couldn’t draw any less patrons. Incidentally, Girardi has done a great job this year with only one good pitcher (Willis) and only one good player (Cabrera). They have more real young players than anybody, and are currently ahead of perennial league champions, the Atlanta Braves. Don’t sweat it Joe, you’ll take over for Torre one of these days.

THIS WEEK’S THEISMAN-ISM: Bret Favre fumbles on the second play of last Monday night’s game, and the Bengals run it in for a touchdown; Joe says "Favre didn’t want that to happen." Duh! Attaboy Joe.