Second leg of
Johnny’s saga

Sep 11, 2006 5:11 AM

Let’s see folks, where was I and what was I saying last week about the life and times of "Oklahoma Johnny" Hale and how I made my first million dollars.

Oh, yes, I was in the warden’s office of the Oklahoma penitentiary making a business deal with the king pin of the bootleggers in the state.

I had befriended Big Mac to help him adopt a young boy; I was the chairman of the board of trustees of the largest Baptist church in Oklahoma and had access to all the right doors, and I helped him adopt his son.

All bootleggers were not bad; they just sold booze. You now buy it in the grocery store.

The warden was a gracious host for us during our meeting. I told Mac my business plan and he lent me the other 50 percent of the money I needed to finance the project.

There was no paperwork, no mortgages — just a handshake and I had the money in my hands in cash, in $1,000 bills — and I was ready to put my plan in action.

Big Mac was a big man and he was my friend, and I did help him get a leave from the state resort a little before Christmas time. The governor, who was also my friend, agreed with me that it would be nice if Big Mac could spend the holidays with his family.

So, it was a done deal.

But the other bootleggers thought that Big Mac was coming back to take back over his liquor operations and they pulled the other string!

The governor had to rescind Big Mac’s Christmas holiday leave. But the governor did keep the other part of the arrangement. He pardoned Big Mac on the governor’s last day in office!

It was kind of like the deal that President Ford had with his former boss, Richard Nixon. If you remember that far back, all of politics are the same — be it in Oklahoma, Nevada, Iraq or Washington, D.C.

Last week, I told you the bank lent me fifty percent of the money that I needed to put my business plan into action and took mortgages on everything and charged me every fee and a high interest rate.

And that I just shook hands with Big Mac for the other fifty percent of the capital I needed to develop a large housing addition, apartments and a shopping center.

Well, here’s where staying lucky pays off. I started the project and when it got going good, other developers saw that it was going to work and they wanted to become partners and buy into the project.

So, I sold them a third interest — which represented all I had borrowed from the bank and from Big Mac — so that I owned the other two-thirds, free and clear!

And that, poker players, is how I made my first million dollars.

I went to the bank first and paid them off in full — all their high interest rates and fees.

Then I went to Big Mac, who was now free at home in Oklahoma with his adopted son and new pardon, and ”¦ well, let’s wait until next time to find out what happened with Mac.

Tune in next week for the next chapter in the Life and Times of Oklahoma Johnny Hale.

Then I will tell you the rest of the story of Big Mac and how I settled the loan with him and how much interest Big Mac charged me.

OK-J Poker Tip of the Week

When you are driving the hand — you are the one in control, doing the raising and betting and your opponent is calling — you should never lay the whip down.

That is, don’t check after raising and then after all the cards are out, try to pick the whip up and bet or raise again — unless you have a really good hand.

Because, if you are bluffing, you will get called!

Until next time remember to stay lucky.