Sharp bettors
‘under’ scrutiny

Sep 12, 2006 3:41 AM

Tip of the week: A short update on the line moves for Week 1 in the NFL. There were seven substantial moves on the sides with the "wise guys" winning only two of them. However, the sharpies won nine out of 11 totals by taking the "under."

Okay, enough small talk. Let’s get to the games.

Cincinnati —10½ vs. Cleveland: If the Bengals can beat a good Kansas City team as a visitor, they shouldn’t have much trouble with the mediocre Cleveland team at home.

New Orleans +3 vs. Green Bay: NEW It’s a shame that Brett came back, for he’ll have to endure one miserable season as his legendary Packers will be fortunate to win three games this season.


Atlanta —3½ vs. Tampa Bay: Michael Vick has decided to run again, and his team should now be outstanding this year, at least until he gets injured. Tampa Bay’s offense performed in the first week as advertised!


I like a few other games, but at the time of this writing six NFL teams have not yet played their first games, and key injuries are very important, as the Kansas City Chiefs will soon find out.

One of the greatest moments in sports happened a week ago Sunday in the third round of the U.S. Open. Andre Agassi put on a display of intestinal fortitude that is rarely seen in today’s professional ranks. Clearly Andre’s back was acting up so much that each shot was a great effort from a legendary tennis player with a heart as big as his tennis racket. What a man!

For those of you who were among the non-believers of "Be a Good Guy Week" which I described a few weeks ago in my column, please read on brothers. Last Friday night Cincinnati was playing Pittsburgh at home and I put down a respectable bet on over 43 for the game. After the first half I was fortunate to have a 7-0 score on a last minute touchdown by the favored Panthers. I was ready to throw in the towel and was fairly certain that to get another 36 points in the second half was almost impossible.

As I kept switching the channels to the baseball pennant race occasionally I stopped by ESPN, hoping there may be a thunder storm or a power outage or any disruption that may have cancelled the football game and I’d get my investment back. I saw a few scores here and there and all of a sudden I was only a few touchdowns away from winning. Paying attention, I saw Cincinnati with a first down inside Pitt’s 20 yard line — and the total amazingly enough was at 41 points. Cincinnati goes to 4th and 1 and you could probably hear me in Ohio pleading for a field goal, which Cincinnati needed as they were behind at this time by 11 points. After a lengthy time out even the announcers said they should kick the field goal and then try to recover an on-side kick and retain possession.

At this point I used my once a season "good guy" line: "God, give me this field goal and I won’t bother you for the rest of the season." Much to my surprise they go for the first down and naturally don’t get it.

Uh-oh, it’s not working. Pittsburgh takes over on downs and Cincy’s got no time-outs left. I’m dead! Anyway, with less than 20 seconds left Cincy gets the ball back on a safe punt. I’m dead again! The Cincy QB throws about a 20 yard pass that gets intercepted in the middle of the field and I know the defensive back is going to sit down and the game will be over. He starts jogging with the ball, waiting for somebody to come near him but nobody does and he runs it in for a score with four seconds left.

Now this is a true story. If you still don’t believe in the "Good Guy Theory" perhaps you should reconsider your options. The bad news is I’ve used my once a season request and I can’t ask for any additional help in football for a whole year. Here’s hoping I don’t have a parlay card this season with nine winners needing to get the last one all by myself. Have a great week!