Feast on some
of these tidbits

Sep 19, 2006 2:55 AM

There are some interesting match-ups on the table this week. Here’s some food for thought:

Cincinnati +3 vs. Steelers: I think the Bengal offense is strong enough to overcome the Pittsburgh defense on what will be a short week for the Steelers.

Bears -3 vs. Vikings: The Vikes have been playing error free and are operating an efficient offense, but it will be difficult to maintain their composure against the most aggressive defense in the league. The Bears’ offense is for real for the first time in years.

Ravens -6½ vs. Cleveland: I’m going to ride McNair’s back as long as he’ll let me. If the Browns thought the Bengals’ defense was tough, wait until they meet Mr. Lewis.

Cardinals —4 ½ vs. Rams: Arizona has too many offensive weapons for a Rams team that is no longer "The Greatest Show on Turf." Do you think Cards QB Kurt Warner wants to win this game badly? I’ll bet on that!

Whether you like Barry Bonds or not, all "stand-up" guys have to love his personal trainer and long time friend, Greg Anderson. Greg has likely endured pressures from various governmental agencies in the Bay area. He has consistently stood his ground and refuses to "Rat Out" his buddy.

From a personal standpoint I don’t like Bonds, as his arrogance and disposition turn me off. I will say that he is undoubtedly the best baseball player I have ever seen, or will see in my lifetime. When a Major League manager calls for an intentional walk of Bonds with bases loaded, that’s respect brother.

However, I must admit I have more respect for Greg Anderson than I’ll ever have for Barry Bonds as my role model. But that’s just me, and I’m a little off-center. Or as my long time friend and former boss Bill Paulos might say, I haven’t got any center at all, I’m just a little off period.

I’d like to thank all of you who have sent me e-mails in the past few weeks. I really appreciate it and I’ve read them all. It’s sincerely heart-warming to be remembered by so many after being out of circulation for so long. I’d love to respond to the e-mails, but I don’t know how!

I ran into an old friend the other day at Sunset Station by the name of Pete White. We played softball together many years ago for Del Mar Sports Book. We had a great line-up of guys, and many of them went on to bigger and better things in the sports betting world.

Michael Roxbury went on to replace the incomparable Bob Martin as the computerized version of setting a proper line for the sports books. Roxy was a light-hitting second baseman who could get on base. A man known as "Blackie" went on to be perhaps the sharpest bettor this city has ever seen.

John Bennett ran through a stretch of picking winners for GamingToday, which used to be called the Sports Form. When John’s best bet hit the streets you could be assured that the line would move throughout the town.

Pete White could hit a softball so far it made Barry Bonds look like a singles hitter. Pete’s son, Kenny, a slick fielding shortstop for Western High School, was a guy I thought had all the tools for the Major Leagues, but as fate would have it, he’s got Roxy’s job now. For years he shared that honor with John Bennett’s son, Eugene. Incidentally, John’s other son, Richard Buoanthony, was a great high school pitcher.

Bill Dark was our pitcher, and he could hit the ball down either foul line at any time, even at an advanced age. Duke Durden, a power hitting first baseman, went on to an illustrious carrier in the boxing world with the effervescent Don King. Pat Pastoria was our shortstop. Pat still deals 21 at the Rampart and is a great bowler, still carrying a 200-plus average. Pat also won a football contest at the Hilton but he didn’t keep the money long — indeed my kind of guy.

We played our games in North Las Vegas at a field called Whipple, which is no longer on the map. We didn’t win too many games in softball, but we did have strong betting opinions on the next Sunday’s football games.