WiseGuys lives
up to its billing

Sep 19, 2006 3:37 AM

Now that football season is hitting its stride, bettors are looking for every advantage they can find.

One of them could be the new sports betting information web site, WiseGuys.com.

The brainchild of former sports director and odds-maker Scotty Schettler, WiseGuys.com features up-to-date information for sports bettors, a line service that is current to the minute and a simulated sportsbook that logs wagers at actual odds and tracks them, just like an off-shore account.

Schettler points out that the site isn’t a tout service. Instead, it’s a "turnkey" operation for the sports fan and/or bettor.

"The site features breaking news, injuries, weather reports and player notes that run continuously," Schettler said. "The line service includes our own line, plus two Las Vegas books — the Mirage and Hilton — and off-shore books, Pinnacle, Bodog and Sportsbook.com."

Schettler said the information services have been tailored with the sports bettor in mind.

"I’ve been doing this all my life and I know what the bettor needs to see," Schettler said. "The information is geared toward ”˜beating the steam,’ and getting bets in on advantageous lines before breaking news causes that line to move."

The simulated sports book is an interesting innovation that can be used to conduct "friendly" competition among users or serve as a guide for league contests.

"It operates just like a phone account, tracking bets and keeping track of your mythical bankroll," Schettler said.

The site also features original content with reminiscences by Schettler in his "Las Vegas Betting Primer" column; a "Citizen of the Week" feature on the bad boys of sports by contributor Ronnie Degas; and a column by WiseGuys researcher John Mastalir called, "Here it Is."

Rounding out the features on the web site is an active message board and sports information hub with news articles from The Sports Network.