Poker pro assumes
role of peacemaker

Sep 19, 2006 4:23 AM

Professional poker player Barry Greenstein says he’s disappointed with the apparent course of events since a half-dozen poker pros filed suit against World Poker Tour Enterprises alleging the WPTE unfairly utilized their names and images and has strived to limit competition.

Greenstein is not connected with the suit that was filed in federal court two months ago. Rather, he’s tried to be the peace-maker since he sits in the high stakes games with the representatives of both sides

"Things have become contentious and personal with a lot of name-calling," Greenstein added. "People are not talking issues any more. They’re reacting. Lawyers are hired to win cases and NOT to be fair."

Once a business is attacked, he said, it becomes that much more difficult to sit down and discuss issues that could have been managed into submission with something less than the filing of a lawsuit.

Greenstein helped avoid trouble in at least one other area of the continually evolving poker landscape as a professional poker league takes shape.

Leaders of the effort to get the league going have dropped demands that players appear exclusively in league events.

In other words, a player agreeing to affiliate himself with one of the teams in the league will also be able to appear in other high profile televised events.

The proposed league has a cable television agreement and will probably play its events at the Venetian, although none of this has been confirmed in anything resembling an announcement.