Bye week for this sad dog
means road to recovery

Sep 19, 2006 7:35 AM

Is this my bye week?

That’s was my top question Sunday night after favorites covered 11-of-15 point spreads. The underdogs smashing success on opening day was short-lived. The road teams won the money in 12-of-16 contests during the first week. In Week 2, the home teams came back to cover 10-of-14 games.

And you ask me why I’m asking if this week’s my bye week? This is one wacky season and we’re only heading into Week 3!

The real byes this weekend go to the Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers and Cowboys. San Diego was the only team that didn’t need the rest. Kansas City lost its QB in Week 1. Oakland never had a QB to begin with. Both clubs need to regroup after 0-2 starts. TO will require some well-deserved, additional stationary bike time in Dallas as he recoups from his broken finger.

Turns out Denny The Dog doesn’t receive a bye this week. The show must go on. The Dog needs to regain his composure and press on. It’s a long season.

Jets +5½ at Bills: The Bills haven’t made me a complete believer. But I’m believing a little more each week. Buffalo nearly upset Pats and then went down to Miami and speared the Fish! I’m not sure Jets have the running game to take the pressure off Pennington’s suspect shoulder. BILLS.

Bengals +3½ at Steelers: If ever a team looked ready to knock a champion off its pedestal it’s Cincinnati. Bengals made the Chiefs and Browns look like high school teams. Everyone will be gunning for Pittsburgh this season and Bengals have the weapons to shoot them down. BENGALS.

Jags +9 at Colts: Now that Peyton has whipped his little brother and picked on the lowly Texans, we’ll see how he does with someone his own size. I don’t think beating the Texans right now qualifies as an actual NFL win. JAGS.

Titans +10½ at Dolphins: Both teams are 0-2 and have been spanked so hard their football pants are bright red! It won’t be long before Daunte Culpepper’s face is red if he doesn’t pick it up. The Titans QB woes continue as well. Miami has to make a move here or Dolphins fans will be calling for Joey Harrington! Let’s see if Miami can win a game before we lay double digits on them. TITANS.

Redskins -4½ at Texans: Houston has been sacked by Philly and Indy. Redskins are the better team, but Texans have to feel like they’re playing the junior varsity this week after tough opening. Daniel Snyder better stick to making movies because the football team he’s created hasn’t lived up to the billing! TEXANS.

Bears -3 at Vikings: Brad Childress and his troops are like the kid your mom didn’t want you hanging out with every night. It’s Week 3 and the Vikes still won’t go away! But wait, Rex Grossman isn’t hurt yet and I don’t know what to make of that fact. Da Bears have demolished the Pack and Lions, but I’m not sure those were real tests. This is a true litmus. VIKES.

Panthers -3 at Bucs: Both teams winless. The good news for Carolina is Steve Smith may come back soon. The bad news is, the entire team has decided to sit out the season. After two weeks, the Vikes and Falcons improved by leaps and bounds from beating Carolina. The Panthers were supposed to be better and chosen by many experts to win the Super Bowl. The first goal is making the playoffs. News is similar in Tampa. Bucs didn’t make any big adjustments and their first two opponents (Baltimore, Atlanta) did. PANTHERS.

Packers +6 at Lions: Mike Martz really has that Detroit offense humming. Rod Marinelli would have better luck bringing in Jim Leyland as his offensive coordinator. They better hire him quick before Green Bay grabs him for the defense. The Pack can’t stop anyone. Maybe Brett Favre could play defense in his final year. I wonder if regret has set in yet? LIONS.

Ravens -7 at Browns: Baltimore’s defense is a scary proposition for the weak Cleveland offensive line. I’m not sure what’s hurting Cleveland more, the bad line play or poor coaching. I thought this line should be double digits. The game must be a trap. BROWNS.

Rams +4½ at Cards: Both teams appear to be homies. Each won at home and lost on the road. Cards may win, but Rams are best shot at grabbing the money. RAMS.

Giants +4½ at Seahawks: Great admiration for the way Eli Manning battled on opening night against Peyton. Further admiration for the way G-men fought back to win at Philly. I love the Giants in this spot. The setting is right for an underdog upset. GIANTS.

Eagles -6 at 49ers: Eagles lost focus after building lead against Giants. Niners came storming back at home after opening day loss on the road. Frisco backers haven’t had to rip up a losing ticket yet this season! 49ERS

Broncos +6 at Pats: The birds are starting to fly south for the winter. The boo-birds have made a pit stop, nesting right now at Invesco Field. Do you think Jake Plummer heard them singing last Sunday? PATS.

Falcons -3 at Saints: I honestly thought the Saints would be 0-2 in this spot when the season began. Sean Peyton should be proud of his young team. The return to the Superdome will be emotional. Have to give a big edge to Michael Vick and what the Falcons have done to the Panthers and Bucs this season. FALCONS.