Take advantage!

Sep 25, 2006 4:43 AM

Want to know the secrets of advantage playing?

When you play craps, there are several things to take into account even before you get to the craps tables. For example, you should have a players, or comp, card. But what else can you do to maximize your profits — even before you make your first bet?

Want to know the secrets the craps pros use to maximize their playing advantage?

Let’s find out.

First of all, you should be a rated player and get a comp card. If your favorite casino has a separate card for slot play, get one of those, too. This way, whenever your favorite casino has any promotions of any kind, you will get mailings from them for their best free offers! Sometimes it is even possible to combine the promotions of the slot and table game coupons.

You should also apply for casino credit. You can call the cage and ask how to do this. Your potential credit is based on your checking account balance, so the higher the balance, the higher your credit. Not only is casino credit more convenient, but you can withdraw your credit and use it free for 30 days. You’ll also have a higher comp rating and be an established player in the eyes of the casino.

When you begin playing, just five the friendly dealer your comp card and ask for your buy-in. He will check your rating and give it to you in a minute or two. For example you might say "a thousand please" and he might say "in blacks or greens." He will then count out your chips on the table and set them aside while they check their computer.

Once you have the chips, you can play with the full amount or not. For example, you can play with $500 worth and put the other $500 in your pocket and use it later or cash it in and use it in another casino if you like. When you leave the table, you may be asked if you want to pay off your marker. Don’t be intimidated by this request, and just say no. Most casinos require that you pay back your markers in 30 days or it will adversely affect your credit in the future.

It is really to your benefit to buy in with a larger amount than you will play with. Your comps are calculated by three criteria: your buy-in, your first bet, and your average bet. So, if your buy-in and first bet are larger than normal, your comps could be bumped up a little.

Something else you can do to increase your comps is to tip the dealers. Tipping will get the dealers on your side so you can set the dice easier. The dealers will also notice your playing patterns and help you however they can — including bumping up your comps. The dealers would rather have you, a good tipper, back in their casino, than an inexperienced player who doesn’t tip.

Finally, you should notice the dealer’s name tags and call them by name. Be friendly with them If they remember your first name and use it when you leave the table, you’ve done a good job — and they’ll be doing everything they can to get you back!

Now you know the secrets of advantage playing.