Riv’s Splash to close

Sep 25, 2006 5:24 AM

An end of a show business era takes place Sept. 30 when the final curtain comes down on "Splash," the high-octane Riviera production that paved the way for the popular variety show featuring showgirls, music and dance, and the venerable variety acts — magicians, jugglers, child prodigies, etc.

Splash produced by Jeff Kutash debuted on June 21, 1985. No reason was given in the Riviera release announcing the closure except to say that hotel management and owner/producer Meshulam Riklis "regret" it is happening.

Lets not kid ourselves, the reason was lack of ticket sales. Original producer/creator Kutash was an innovator at the time of this show’s conception, from the ice skating to the motorcycles, to the pure spectacle, one of the crowning achievements of the Riviera.

I want everyone who reads this column to run and see "Splash" if you haven’t already done so. In its place, (the theater will again be named the Versailles Theatre) reportedly will be a Russian-type show. In other words, The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming.

I went to the Stardust to see Jackie Baskow Entertainment’s new reality television show, Do You Want to Be an Actor? Well, I am an actor! What is an actor? What was extraordinary about this event is although we had the usual suspects, the standout was Sandy Pelton, whose husband passed away last year. She has lost so much weight and looks divine. She looked younger than ever in incredible Versace. Plus her jewels were spectacular. Also in attendance was Cork Proctor and his wife. John Daley was the MC and of course there was Jackie Baskow, actors and actresses, would-be legends and people I do not want to see anymore. Remember, you bore me.

Over at the Stratosphere I was part of a new syndicated radio show produced by Mike Copley. One of the guests was Freddie " Boom Boom" Cannon, but the surprise was Clint Holmes who is closing Saturday at Harrah’s and hopefully opening his new play in London sometime next year. I want to thank Michael Gilmartin, hotel PR chief, and Preferred Public Relations for making the staff and production feel comfortable from food to accommodations to the gracious treatment we all received. Thank you, thank you.

One of the big events this week was the induction of Wayne Newton, Mary Healy Hayes, Fredrick Apcar and John Klai II into the Las Vegas Hall of Fame. We all know Wayne Newton will be going to Harrah’s to alternate with Rita Rudner. One of the wonderful guests was Tony Curtis, straight out of the hospital with pneumonia, who made a wonderful appearance.

Which freestanding nightclub is having personnel and financial problems and may pull the plug in the next couple of months?. This club is known as an alternative nightclub. The rumors are rampant that the end is near. This is only a rumor.

Downtown, downtown. I spoke with Joe Leone on the telephone, my old friend and Golden Nugget director of entertainment, told me that David Saxe is no longer associated with the hotel. But in October they are bringing in two shows from London. One is "Ballroom" and the other is "Cover Girl."

Also Don Rickles will be moving downtown from the Stardust. Let’s get ready for the closing of the Stardust with Steve and Eydie Gorme. Their dates at the end of October are already SRO.

I hate to be redundant, but some of the second shows are not doing good business. Danny Gans sells out every might. "Menopause" at the Hilton sells out every day and night. The Luxor is bringing in the big legend of Liza Minnelli. We know that Cher and Bette Midler are about to make Las Vegas their home at Caesars Palace along with Diana Ross. Whatever happened to Havana Nights?

Comic magician Amazing Johnathan has filmed a one-hour special for Comedy Central aptly entitled Wrong on Every Level for broadcast later this fall and a second "uncensored" taping, which will only be released by Comedy Central on DVD. Amazing Johnathan has new material and special surprises in store for Wrong on Every Level, much of which is already incorporated into his nightly show at the Sahara Hotel. The special also includes a video segment that features Johnathan’s twisted version of "street magic" with illusionist Criss Angel and comedian Carrot Top taking part in the mayhem.

The votes are tallied! America has elected New York City’s Times Square to occupy the highest rent property space (traditionally home to Boardwalk) on the game board of the new Monopoly: Here & Now Edition. The Big Apple shares the coveted blue property color group with its northern neighbor Boston, which landed its Fenway ballpark on the space traditionally occupied by Park Place. The Las Vegas Strip takes over the Pacific Avenue green property. Americans cast more than 3 million online votes during Spring 2006 to shape the new edition’s game board. The votes determined which landmarks from 22 cities made it onto the board, as well as the location of those landmarks on the board.