Let’s play, I’ve got a secret

Sep 25, 2006 10:31 PM

Carol, I want to tell you that I have a secret.

For the past sixty odd years that I have lived with you, I have kept a little secret from you.

I want to tell you the secret and I want to share it with all the poker players of the world.

But I want to make a contest out of what the secret is and in the next column I will tell you and everyone in the poker world what it is that I have kept from you for all of these years.

Carol, if you can guess the secret before the next column, I will buy you a new car — yes, one of those 2007 Mercedes that you have been wanting.

All of the readers that can guess the secret before the next column is published, I will send them an autographed copy of my book, "The Gentleman Gambler."

All the reader must do is e-mail me at [email protected] and give me their guess as to the secret.

But first I want to remind you and the folks that I come from Oklahoma, and we have many sayings that make up the codes by which I live.

These are the teachings of my father and mother and the training that I received from my six older brothers.

Here are just three of the codes that I’ve used to guide me in my journey over this third rock from the sun.

Code No. 1: Do not lie!

Code No. 2: Money is not heavy to carry!

Code No. 3: Be good to the cook!

Of course, there are a lot more of these sayings from Oklahoma as well as codes to live by, but for now I am just going to talk to you folks about these three.

No. 3: Be good to the cook. I am reminded of the life, times and death of the Roman Emperor Claudius. His wife, Agrapina, in a fit of political ambition and domestic rage, served Claudius a delicious dish of fresh figs laced with hemlock.

And after partaking of the figs, Claudius was no long the emperor. He just drove his chariot on the short route to be with Zeus and all of the other pantheon gods.

So my advice is for all of you poker players to remember Claudius when you sit down to eat some figs or other delicious repast because Claudius is not the only one that has cashed in his chips in such a manner.

No. 2: Money is not heavy to carry. Daddy always taught me to carry enough money for whatever purpose and business opportunity that might come your way.

You cannot trade out of an empty wagon, so play in a poker game that is suited for your bankroll!

Be sure to read the next issue of the GamingToday and I will tell you the secret that I have kept from Carol for over 60 years, or if you think you have guessed the secret, just e-mail me and I will send you that autographed book of mine.

OK-J Poker Tip of the Week

Do not loan or borrow money when playing poker.

Many, many, poker players do not follow this rule. They are sometimes a little short and look for a friendly face or they go on a treasure hunt.

Many times I am presented with the chance to be helpful. Here is what I do if I wish to extend a short-term loan to a poker player. If he requests $500 I will cut it in half and loan him $250. This will make both of us half happy.

Remember to stay lucky.