Gaughan with the Wind?

Sep 26, 2006 2:12 AM

The South Coast is set to become the South Point as Michael Gaughan completes his purchase of the hotel and casino from Boyd Gaming.

Gaughan said he expects to be on the October agendas of state and county gaming regulators, at which time the changeover can be formally completed.

Don’t expect anything more from Gaughan once he gets the property tuned up and running right. He says there will not be another Gaughan hotel and casino. He will, in effect, be, uh, gone with the wind.

"I’m gonna tell them (the Gaming Commission, Control Board and county planners) that they can get a camera and take a picture of me because that’s the last time they’re going to see me," Gaughan said.

Gaughan says he has some ideas in mind for adding features but won’t be talking publicly about them until regulators have officially signed off on the change of ownership.

It’s been rumored that some of those changes include hosting concerts in the equestrian arena, holding boxing cards in the exhibition area and improving the food and beverage service.

Recently, the hotel/casino just broke ground on its new showroom and a spa will open later this year. Another hotel tower is to be opened in a couple of years.

In addition, Jerry Lewis has mentioned he’s putting together a 10-year deal in which the new South Point will host his annual MDA Telethon.

Gaughan believes the hotel and casino on Las Vegas Boulevard South several miles south of Tropicana will get a big boost once the I-15 interchange at Silverado Ranch is complete next November. The first part of the interchange will be ready about March.

A few years of getting South Point up to speed is about all Gaughan has left to do.

Then, he says, "I’ll be riding off into the sunset"