We’re sharpening flip-flops

Oct 3, 2006 7:12 AM


If you’re an NFL team, that’s not a great term for people to use when referring to your record after four weeks of play. Frustration is running extremely high in Detroit, Oakland, Tampa Bay and Tennessee.

Albert Haynesworth of the Titans took his frustration to a new level Sunday, picking up one of his spiked feet after the whistle had blown and crushed it into an opposing players’ forehead — twice. I may have to try that same "frustration- reducing" technique the next time my team fails to cover the spread.

I wonder if you can arrange cleats to be put on the bottom of flip-flops?

Oh, by the way, the favorites did come out on top Sunday, 8-5. The dawgs and faves have flip-flopped winning weeks since the beginning of the season. The Dog is feeling much smarter than the past few weeks.

Let’s see if we can get on an October roll.

Titans +20 at Colts: Jeff Fisher released Billy Volek and brought Kerry Collins on the scene. Once Titans’ fans had a chance to witness Collins, they wanted to send Haynesworth after him with some freshly sharpened cleats. I have a compulsion to take the dawg, but not sure if it’s just out of pride. TITANS.

Skins +4 at Giants: G-men had an extra week to rest and prepare after Seahawks spanking. However, Skins are beginning to show more imagination on offense. Brunell has been a different QB the last two weeks. SKINS.

Lions +7 at Vikings: Since opening day, the Lions have given up over 30 points each game. Mike Martz seems to have the offense clicking, but the D can’t make a stop. Vikes lost squeaker to Bears and then were banged around by the Bills. Detroit should put up enough points to be a live road dawg. LIONS.

Bucs +6½ at Saints: I’m a big fan of New Orleans, but the Bucs are coming off a bye and will be rallying around young Gradkowski. The Bucs weren’t exactly lighting up the scoreboard with Simms. Gradkowski to the rescue. BUCS.

Rams -2 at Packers: Pack coming off Monday niter which makes it a short week. Rams defense relapsed last Sunday, but the offense was good enough against Lions. If D can come back, the Rams will be a tough visitor for Green Bay to handle. RAMS.

Dolphins +9 at Pats: Miami’s 1-3 record might be the most shocking of any NFL club. This can’t be the Fish that closed last year with seven straight wins. If Daunte Culpepper continues to struggle, Nick Saban will be handing out treats to the trick-or-treaters on Daunte’s party boat! PATS.

Bills +7 at Bears: Bills play tough enough D to hang-in with Da Bears, even on the road. Chicago coming off emotional Sunday night game with Seahawks where they looked like Super Bowl winners. Back down to earth here. BILLS.

Browns +9½ at Panthers: Carolina still doesn’t look like the Super Bowl champ many thought back in August. Panthers allowed a back-door cover last week beat the Bucs by just 2. The dawg might draw blood here. BROWNS.

Jets +7½ at Jaguars: Jags beat up Dallas and Pittsburgh, only to drop the last two games to Indy and Washington in tough battles. Jets no softies either, with close losses to the Pats and Colts. I’m taking the points. JETS.

Chiefs -3 at Cards: If Cards offensive line doesn’t improve, the Leinart era will be over before it starts. Chiefs D can be nasty and Cards should find that out this week. CHIEFS.

Raiders +3 at 49ers: Can the Niners actually be favored over any opponent? Could the Raiders actually win their first game of the season? Yes and no. NINERS.

Cowboys +2 at Eagles: The return of TO! I know this can’t possibly be true, but I actually believe TO is staying up late tonight, taking pain killers for his hand, and thinking about more dramatic ways to be a distraction. This one will be fun to watch. Eagles coming off the short week. A must game for Philly pride. EAGLES.

Steelers +3½ at Chargers: This has overtime written all over it. Big Ben should be much better with an extra week of rest. Chargers coming off an emotional loss to Ravens after leading most of the game. If you think OT, then take the points. STEELERS.

Ravens +3 at Broncos: Baltimore’s defense is one scary proposition for Mike Shanahan to deal with next Monday. If he handled the Pats, he should be able to deal with the Ravens. Baltimore D might be even better than what everyone thinks. McNair, on the other hand, might be a tad overrated. BRONCOS.