Colts turned Tennessee into Titans!

Oct 10, 2006 2:41 AM

Don’t believe everything you hear!

That’s what the Tennessee Titans taught plenty of pigskin handicappers last Sunday. If I was told once, I was told a million times last week that the Colts were going to absolutely tattoo the Titans. I heard and read it so many times that by Sunday evening I believed it myself, even though I picked the Titans.

Tennessee made a few dog lovers happy campers. However, the dogs in general were terrible. The favorites covered 9-of-12 spreads, while Kansas City and Arizona pushed. Oh, by the way, the flip-flop is over. The Dogs and faves alternated bragging rights for the first four weeks. Now the faves have won for the second week in succession.

It doesn’t matter how stellar the favorites perform, we will always try to sniff out the dogs. I don’t care how or where we find our side, as long as it’s a winner. I need to do it just like Al Davis says the Raiders do. Just win baby! Oh sorry, Oakland is winless.

Enough talk about a pigskin paradox. Let’s discuss a parade of Week 6 winners.

Bengals -7 at Bucs: Sometimes you have to trust me. I told you Gradkowski would be OK against the Saints. He wasn’t super, but good enough to win the money. During the Cincy’s bye week nobody went to jail. The only roster move was Marvin Lewis placing the waterboy on injured reserve and putting a bail bondsman on the active list. Bucs still hungry for their first win. I like a hungry dawg. BUCS.

Titans +11 at Skins: In some strange way I think Albert Haynesworth incident as united the Titans. The defense played well enough to upset the Colts. Travis Henry was a last minute pinch hitter at RB and delivered. If Gibbs is giving Brunell breaks in practice to save his body, it might be a good indicator he needs a younger QB. TITANS.

Texans +12 at Cowboys: The extra week of rest will help Houston. Bledsoe needs a rest, but I’m not sure you will see Tony Romo this week. Dallas and the TO circus has returned from Philly. Send in TO and the rest of the clowns! TEXANS.

Bills +2 at Lions: Any month now, Detroit is going to break through with their first win. Lions fans could care less, as long as the Tigers keep winning. I know Da Bears are really good, but Buffalo’s performance was scary. LIONS.

Seahawks -3 at Rams: St. Louis is 4-1 and hasn’t lost a game or the money in two home starts. Seattle is 3-1, but has failed to cover the spread in both road contests. Bulger seems to be improving every week. RAMS.

Giants +2 at Falcons: Atlanta comes off the bye week. If you throw out the emotional Monday nighter in New Orleans, no team has scored over 10 points on Atlanta’s defense. G-men have been a big shaky on the road. FALCONS.

Eagles -3 at Saints: Both teams are 4-1 and hot. But, if the Saints are going to allow Bucs a near upset on Gradkowski’s first start, I like McNabb’s chances in this spot. EAGLES.

Panthers +3 at Ravens: Carolina has not lived up to the hype and not cashing many tickets for their backers. Panthers allowed a back door cover two weeks in a row. However, they are winning and just missing on some Delhomme connections. Carolina should put it altogether this week and finally cover a spread. Ravens have a short week of preparation. PANTHERS.

Dolphins +3 at Jets: If not for the mighty Titans, the Fish would be winless. Nick Saban looks like he’s ready for a nervous breakdown. Dolphins had a great chance to beat the Pats and ended up not even grabbing the cover. Jets offensive line starts two rookies and it showed big time last week. DOLPHINS.

Chargers -8½ at 49ers: The San Diego defense made a believer of everyone early in the season. But not everyone was sold of Philip Rivers. The young man keeps delivering the clutch. CHARGERS.

Chiefs +6 at Steelers: Super champions can’t lose four straight games or can they? The Chiefs escaped with a W after being down and out at Arizona. Pittsburgh won’t fold like the Cards. Chiefs defense is banged up a little and Damon Huard is way overdue for a bad game. STEELERS.

Raiders +14½ at Broncos: The Raiders still looking for that elusive first win. They probably won’t get it here, but hopefully Al will win one for the money. RAIDERS.

Bears -9½ at Cards: Arizona is home and the visiting Bears will be rummaging around for food, namely young southpaw QBs. Best chance for Matt Leinart to survive is to do what any scared person would try — lay down and play dead. BEARS.