Dogs had their day, move on!

Oct 10, 2006 3:40 AM

Just a short word on the baseball playoffs. As advertised last week, three out of four underdogs won their series. That’s a fistful of pluses, baby! In the next go-around I favor the favorites.

As in the NCAAs, the dogs win early and the chalk prevails late. You can bet the over on the National League and the under on the American League, which is the opposite of the regular season strategy.

I’m not an authority but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

This week’s NFL picks:

Bengals -6 vs. Tampa Bay: Like I said last week, the Buc’s season is over, and it can only get worse. I’ll play the high-flying Bengals and lay the points.

Seahawks -3 vs. Rams: Seattle is the better team and the Rams make too many mistakes. This could be a high scoring game so a parlay may be in order.

Jets -2½ vs. Dolphins: Jets are good enough to score 13 points and win by three. Miami can’t score no matter who they put at quarterback.

For those of you who missed the Tigers-Yankees game Friday night you really missed one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve ever heard. Joe Morgan and Jon Miller had Ernie Harwell on as a guest commentator for a few innings and he was so entertaining I hated to see him leave. Ernie has been in broadcasting since 1960 in the Majors and listening to his stories was indeed a treat.

As we see the New York Yankees get eliminated from the baseball playoffs, the majority of us are not at all disappointed at their demise. This country is full of underdog fans who root passionately for the underdog to overachieve and beat up on the favorite. I’m as guilty as the next guy, as I also pull for the little guy at all levels of competition.

Has anyone ever rooted against Doug Flutie, Steve Nash, Allan Iverson, David Eckstein or Joe Morgan, all little guys playing in a big guy’s game?

The analogy may be a stretch, but it seems to me that about 90% of this world doesn’t like our country today. As I grew up, only France hated us, and I was told something about the U.S. not letting them walk into a defeated Berlin first, instead of the U.S., at the conclusion of World War II.

At this point the reason’s irrelevant — only the fact. Is it not true that we are now the Yankees of the world? How did this 360 degree change occur? If you don’t believe me read the rest of the paper outside of the sports section. I wish I had a suggestion on how to turn it back around, but I’m not that smart. I only know that somehow we’ve cheated our kids and grandkids out of ever being Fluties or Nashs and for that I’m saddened. But like all of us they will have to play the cards that are dealt to them and make the best of it.