New 3-Way Action Poker combines draw, stud

Feb 6, 2001 7:09 AM

IGT has released a new video poker game, 3 Way Action Poker, where a cool combination of 5-Card Stud, Draw Poker and 7-Card Poker come together. This hot new video poker game deals an initial five-card poker hand and pays on any winning combination. Players then hold cards from the first hand and draw up to five cards. The modified hand pays off like traditional draw poker.

The twist comes when two additional cards are dealt, and the winner is paid for the best five-card hand using all seven cards. While playing the three most popular poker games in the world in one game using a single deck, watch for special winning hands using all seven cards in this rewarding game.

The 3 Way Action Poker game also features the excitement of the Double Up double-or-nothing bonus option, and a "speed" button for increased game speed.

If you can’t get enough poker, IGT’s Matrix Poker should satisfy your craving. No matter which draw poker variation you choose, you can win on as many as 10 lines — five horizontal and five vertical — per game.

It all starts when you choose the number of lines to play (1-to -10) and the bet per line. Just as you’d expect, five cards appear in the base hand at the draw. You hold the best of the five. Now here’s the twist: because each hand is dealt from its own deck, the cards held from the original hand are scattered in the other lines of play. Press the draw button and the hands are completed. Winning hands and payoffs are highlighted across the line and on the left of the screen.

The Matrix Poker game features up to 11 variations of draw poker, a convenient touch screen with player-friendly graphics, and a 14-button player panel. Got a need for speed? Push the "Turbo" button to increase the game pace and jump-start the excitement.

Reel slot players will like IGT’s new Catch A Wave machine. The wet ‘n’ wild adventure theme is cool, with music from the Beach Boys, animated reel symbols, a comical seagull and surprise action effects.

The Catch-A-Wave game offers higher hit frequencies when more lines are bet — there are 15 of them — and bigger paybacks when more coins are wagered. The game accepts up to 20 coins per line — or 300 per spin. It’s offered as a nickel game, or may be configured for multi-denomination play.

When the Big Kahuna "free game" bonus rolls in, surf’s up and so is the excitement because all symbols become scatter pays. It’s high tide as waves of bonus spins rack up credits, perfectly synchronized with hip Beach Boys surfin’ music.

The Surfboard Club Pick-a-Board bonus adds an interactive touch screen variety that’ll have you hangin’ ten again and again. Surf’s up, Dude!

Finally, a very appropriate Vegas slot is the new Neon Nights from IGT. This 3-in-1 combination of Neon Poker, Neon Keno and the Nights Slot offers three times the gaming excitement. You choose the game to play from neon billboards on the screen, then the glittering fun begins!

From dice to martinis, watermelons to cherries, the Neon Nights slot game is filled with bright neon symbols reminiscent of billboards that lit up Vegas in the ’50s. Add some sizzling jazz music and you get an energy-packed game.

This five-reel, nine-line game is loaded with possibilities. The Neon Nights symbol is wild, substituting for all symbols. The Fast Cash bonus hits when the "Fast," "Cash" and dollar sign symbols line up on adjacent reels. You’ll receive a bonus that will light up the night!

The excitement builds when three or more Las Vegas sign symbols land on any pay line. The game randomly selects one of three bonus games — Club Neon, Electric Burger, or Lightning Lounge.

The Club Neon bonus reels out big credits. The on-screen neon slot machine reels spin to a 7-7-7 combination and award a coin with a value that’s multiplied by the line bet. The winnings add up until the reels spin the letters E-N-D. If all nine coins are awarded, you receive extra credits.

The Electric Burger bonus is a tasty offer-based bonus. A fry cook assembles a burger, with each food item worth a credit value. You accept the cook’s creation or ask for another combo.

The Lightning Lounge bonus offers you a shocking good time. Pick from two stars on the screen, and the lounge’s dancer indicates the number of credits associated with the star. The dancer gives you five chances to kick up the credits, but the show ends if the Collect symbol is uncovered.