Do politicians play w/full deck

Oct 16, 2006 2:13 AM

A poker player will play on the roof or in the rain, or in a crooked game if it is the only game in town.

But what about a poker game on Air Force 1?

We all know that a lot of our presidents are or were just like you and me and that they enjoy a good friendly game of poker.

This thought crossed my mind when reading a couple of books this week — one was Wacky Laws, Weird Decisions & Strange Statutes written by some friends of mine, who also have been known to play a little poker.

This fun book is just full of laws and strange things that make you want to laugh, They also help you understand why the Congress of the United States has raised their salary five time since the last time they raised the minimum wage.

These fellows must not play poker very well if they need to raise their salary all the time.

As I am sure you know, most of the dealers in the poker room live on minimum wage plus the tips that the generous poker players give them. But, yes, these politicians and the IRS put a tax on the "gifts" that we give to these poker dealers.

It is said that there is nothing certain except death and taxes, but let me amend that to read, death and taxes and the rake.

But back to the poker game on Air Force 1. It was reported in the Wacky Laws book that the vice president was playing poker on Air Force 2, the plane for official business of the vice president.

It seems there must have been a problem with the game and new cards were requested by the vice president, so the Air Force spent $59,000 for a few deck of playing cards for the poker game.

We’ve all heard of politicians not playing with a full deck! But with a $59,000 supply of cards, we hope these fellows will at least be playing with full decks on the plane.

The other book that I have been reading is The Will Rogers Book, written by his niece, Paula McSpadden Love, which was autographed and given to me as a Christmas present way back in 1961.

Yes, I have a lot of books that have been written by friends of mine in the poker world. I have an autographed shelf in my library reserved for these poker books

In a future column I’ll tell you about some of these treasures.

But right now I want to mention a few of the things that I never get tired of reading and then re-reading in The Will Rogers Book, as well as some of my own spin-offs.

For instance, his "All I know is what I read in the papers" and "I never met a man that I did not like" are classics.

Bending the latter towards my way of thinking becomes, "I never met a poker player that I do not like."

Or more succinctly, "I never met a poker player whose money I did not like."

This one often seems appropriate as well: "I never see two playing cards that I do not like!"

Back to another Will Rogers classic: "Neither man nor beast is safe when Congress is in session."But for we Nevadans, this alteration might be more appropriate: "One of the best things about Nevada is that the legislature is in session only every other year — they give us a year to forget what they did the year before."

OK-J Poker Tip of the Week!

When you are playing poker, it is a war — you are the general and your chips are your soldiers.

A good general wants to win all the battles and not expose his soldiers to unnecessary risk, and none of his soldiers are expendable.

The good general will always try to attack from the high ground.

You should think of your poker hand as the high ground and always think of your chips as your soldiers.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.