Dogs came out barking in spread covers

Oct 17, 2006 4:00 AM

The bite was back in the bark on Sunday as eight dawgs clawed their way to a cover. Six of those powerful pups, the Saints, Lions, Panthers, Bucs, Titans and Giants all won games straight up!

The 0-fers also put some power back in their punchless season, as 3-of-4 winless teams not only covered the point spread but won straight up. Tampa Bay, Detroit and Tennessee all smashed huge goose eggs in the win column.

The Dog and my pack of NFL canines are hungry for some more wins after getting beat up by the favorites. Let’s sniff out a few more doggies in Week 7.

Chargers -6 at Chiefs: KC ready for home cookin’ after two long weeks on the road. Chiefs ran into a "backs-to-the-wall" Steelers’ club last week. The Chiefs have to run the ball better or they’re going to linger just above the cellar dweller all season. Larry Johnson where are you? Huard has proven he can do the job. If the defense will step up to the plate, Johnson and KC could muster a much needed big upset. Phillip Rivers may be ready for his first bad game. CHIEFS.

Jags-8 at Texans: Gary Kubiak spent the bye week with his coaching staff, evaluating all aspects of his team’s personnel and all the play-calling. He then showed the results of the test scores to the players. I’m not sure what grade he gave all of them, but judging from the results of the Cowboys’ game I’m guessing F! JAGS.

Patriots -5½ at Bills: Buffalo nearly pulled off the opening day upset at New England, losing by 2. But we’re into October now and the Pats have already started hitting their stride. Belichick will design a defensive scheme to shut down McGahee and the rout will begin. PATS.

Steelers -1½ at Falcons: Alarm bells first started going off when Atlanta lost by 20 to the Saints on Monday night. A healthy Ben Roethlisberger and a hungry Steelers team that needs to get back in the divisional race could cause a second alarm fire for the Falcons. STEELERS.

Packers +4 at Dolphins: If Miami doesn’t win here at home against the Pack, their second victory won’t come until December! Favre can still play, but unfortunately everyone else on the team looks like they’re impersonating an NFL player. DOLPHINS.

Eagles -4 at Bucs: Philly faces another strong home dawg. The Saints laid it on them last Sunday and the potential for the Eagles to be grounded is there again this week. I think the Saints woke them up and the element of surprise will not be there. Gradkowski has been great for the Bucs backers but his luck may run out here. EAGLES.

Lions + 4 at Jets: Every week I think the Jets are ready to crash, there’s Pennington and Coles to pull the nose up just in the nick of time. Jets also appear to have one of those "just good enough to cover" defenses at critical periods of the game. Lions all full of themselves now that they have their first win. JETS.

Panthers +3½ at Bengals: After being knocked to the canvas with two losses to the start the season, the Panthers have punched their way back into the playoff picture with four straight wins. Bengals are the ones with weak knees now after dropping two in a row. The Panthers should be able to run on Cincy and Julius Peppers will be stalking Carson Palmer all day. Looks like a big hook to latch onto. PANTHERS.

Broncos -6 at Browns: Denver is 4-1 and winners of four straight, but not blowing teams away. Cleveland plays solid defense and, no matter how many games are lost, always seem to be in the game at the end. Broncos need to be careful here. I’m not laying even a few points with Jake The Snake under center and the low offensive numbers. BROWNS.

Redskins + 9 at Colts: Tough to have confidence in the Skins, who are coming off a G-men spanking and a Titans’ upset. Colts coming off the bye week didn’t look especially overpowering their last two games either. I will take Peyton Manning over Mark Brunell. It’s a big edge. COLTS.

Vikings + 7 at Seahawks: It’s no secret that Seattle has been affected by a temporary malfunction since Shaun Alexander’s injury. The Seahawks were beat up badly by Da Bears and barely managed a win last Sunday against St. Louis. Seattle might need another last second 50-yard boot to win this one. VIKINGS.

Cards + 2½ at Raiders: Oakland doesn’t have much of a window to get its first W. I don’t see another opportunity on the schedule until the first week of December. I’m looking for an all out effort on both sides of the ball. Raiders hoping Leinart will still be limping from Bears mauling. RAIDERS.

Giants + 3½ at Cowboys: I think there’s a big value with the hook. I still believe Bledsoe is a liability and can be flushed out of his comfort zone with an effective defensive scheme. GIANTS.