The classic 18-way 10

Oct 23, 2006 3:52 AM

There is a classic Keno ticket, the eighteen way ten, that is playable only at a few computer Keno games that have obtained special programming.

It used to be popular at the old brush games, and it’s called the 18 way ten. The ticket is unusual in several senses: Not only is it a field ticket, but it is a rare example of a double field ticket. To mark it, you need to mark 18 numbers, and circle all of them as kings (one spot groups.) Then draw a line between two groups of nine kings. This is an example of a split ticket. This will result in a ticket like the one illustrated.

Each nine spot half of the ticket acts as a field of nine, which works with one king on the other half of the ticket to create a nine way ten. Thus the total number of ten spot ways is 18, since there are two fields of nine, and two groups of nine kings on the ticket. Without the split, and with 18 kings, there would be a total of 43,758 ten spots on the ticket. That would be a fairly expensive ticket to play!

If you want to play this ticket, and you can’t find a computerized Keno game that will book it, don’t despair! You can play the ticket by splitting it onto two separate tickets. Just mark one field of nine, (solid, no kings) and the other nine kings on one ticket, and then reverse the process on the other ticket. You will end up with two tickets, each having a nine way ten, and you will be playing a Keno classic!

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