Test your poker and literary IQ

Oct 23, 2006 4:19 AM

I have been to the hospital for a little rest and relaxation. In my Navy days during World war II, we used to call it R&R.

The vacation from the poker rooms has given me some time to read and re-read some of my favorite books, and crack a few new ones that I have been looking forward to reading.

I have been reading:

A. Speeches that changed the World

B. Johnny Moss — Poker’s Finest Champion of Champions

C. The Will Rogers Book

D. Wacky Laws, Weird decisions & Strange Statutes

E. Vince Burgio — Pizza, Pasta & Poker

F. My book, "The Gentleman Gambler"

G. None of the above and/or a few other poker books.

Now, here is a contest for you: In one column I am going to put quotations from the above books (A through G), and you are to match then up with the books.

Here are the quotations:

1. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’

2. "We moved a lot while I was young — just about every time the rent came due"

3. "We had some of the Rounder’s from Gardena come up ”¦ they played on the square, but they did not last very long."

4. "Neither man nor beast is safe when the legislature is in session"

5. "Work and gambling don’t mix."

6. "In just two weeks I pulled down half a million dollars playing against the world’s best poker players"

7. "A date that will live in infamy,"

8. "The bank was lucky to be smart enough to loan me money to gamble with"

9. "The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration established the Office of Aircraft Operations (OAO) to improve aircraft management"

10. "All I know is what I read in the newspapers"

11. "The first words my daddy taught me was I raise the pot"

12. "If I tell you it is going to rain, better get an umbrella because if I have to I will squeeze a cloud"

13. "Poker players are a strange bunch. They will play on the roof in the rain or in a crooked game"

14. "That poker player is hotter than a depot stove"

15. "Freedom is indivisible; when one man is enslaved all (men) are not free"

16. "Always be good to the cook"

17. "If you are going to a cemetery in Muncie, Indiana, you must leave your fishing pole at home"

18. "The cheaters are taking the money from the game before I can win it"

19. "I never saw a man that I did not like"

20. "A day without poker is like a day without sunshine"

Now each correct answer is worth five points. The reader who emails the correct answers and scores the highest to me at [email protected], will win an autographed copy of my book "The Gentleman Gambler."

The contest ends 8 p.m. (EST), November 1.

I will be the only judge and my decision will be final!

Now, here is a bonus question that I will use as a tie-breaker:

21. "Never in the history of mankind have so many owed so much to so few"

And here is a free one that came from my boo, The Gentleman Gambler:

22. "Money is not heavy to carry"

So, just to ensure no one is shut out, simply put "F" after No. 22.

OK-J Poker Tip
of the Week

If you really want to win when you play poker, remember these tips:

1. Play in a game that is poker friendly; do not play with players you dislike.

2. Do not play in a game that is too rich for you. -As Clint Eastwood would say, "Know your limitations" and the friendly poker players will "make your day."

3. Do not force your play. If you cannot find a game you like, do not play. There will be a game tomorrow.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.