Betting lines in sports book
don’t revolve around Dr. Bob

Oct 24, 2006 1:53 AM

I have noticed lately that rules and signs don’t mean anything to most people nowadays.

I guess it’s just the new world we live in and if you think that it’s ok then fine. When I was a kid, I would wait for the light to turn green and high tail it across the street. Now it doesn’t matter if the light is red or green, kids will go as slow as possible to taunt you. And it not just kids. If you are at church, they will constantly announce to please turn off all cell phones. Yet, the phones just ring and ring.

In race and sports books, people who sit and smoke in the nonsmoking section just don’t care. Most race books have an IPT area where you can post up and bet from your seat. There’s also a big sign that states "For IPT account holders only."

These signs mean absolutely nothing. Yes, it’s a strange world we live in today

About those big line moves on Thursdays, several people have asked me my opinion of this Dr. Bob guy. He is supposed to be the main person orchestrating the big moves. Well, if I were still in charge of running a book, I wouldn’t care if it was Dr. Bob, Laura or Phil, Asians, North Koreans or Chinese. I’d put up the correct point spread and move the games as the money came in.

Simple as that! As far as the parlay cards, it’s a situation that has evolved over the years when there where no big corporations, just individual books. When I first took over at the Stardust, we had just one parlay card (ties lose). The payoffs were lower than just going off the board. The most enticing reason to play parlays was getting 5 to 10 teams parlay because they weren’t available off the board. The 10-teamer only paid 500 or 600 for 1.

Playing a parlay card was considered a sucker bet. As Vegas grew, more books opened up and tried to outdo the other. Odds would be raised on all the cards. They went to ½ Point and Ties Win cards causing the hold to steadily go down. Today, parlay cards in some instances can be very volatile. People running the books for these big corporations have people to answer to. In my day behind the counter, we had a supervisor on the floor at all times that knew the wise guys from the so called squares.

What is the answer? As for the bets off the board, just move with the cash flow. The 11-10 will work in the long run. As for the parlay cards, some books need to be a little smarter or lower the payoffs to keep ever-dangerous wiseguys intact.

For sure, if you put the games up, take a bet and move the line accordingly, I would only change a line due to an injury. Period!

College football

UTEP +14 at Tulsa: The second of back to back road games for the Miners, 1-2 on the road. Last week they got drilled by Houston 34-17. I just love this Tulsa team, having covered five straight. Only miss was against BYU. Also, Golden Hurricanes are 4-0 ATS in last four meetings. TULSA.

Wake -9 at UNC: The Demon Deacons defense should be able to shut down hapless Tar Heels, who are 0-7 SU and ATS and looking for a new HC next year. I’m available. WAKE.

NC State -2 at Virginia: The Wahoos are improving every week with new freshman QB, who looks to be an up and coming star. Life or death for Wolfpack and their head coach Amato. VIRGINIA.

Mich St -7 at Indiana: Big come from behind win just may regenerate the Spartans. MICH ST

BYU -7 at Air Force: Must stay with red hot Cougars, who have whacked four straight opponents since hard luck loss at Boston College. On the other side, the Falcons offense has become nonexistent lately. AF managed 12 in loss to San Diego State. BYU.

Texas A&M -5 at Baylor: The host Bears have given the Aggies fits the past couple of years. Big come from behind win last week against Kansas should really boost their confidence. A&M has been very lucky the past three weeks. I see that luck running out in Waco. BAYLOR.

Minnesota +26 at Ohio St: The only teams the Gophers have scored big on were Kent and Temple. They managed only 10 in a one-point escape against North Dakota State. The Buckeyes are giving up just over 8. That spells doom. OHIO ST.

UNLV +20 at Utah: I’ll miss this one, but know for sure none of my hard earned dough will be on Rebs. Up and down Utes rise at home after two straight road losses. UTAH.

Memphis +6 at Marshall: Memphis is just horrible. Thundering Herd have improved a touch and should get season win #3 along with cover. MARSHALL.

UCF +17 at Houston: The Golden Knights are not very good. Houston in a revenge mood from last year’s 31-29 loss. HOUSTON.

Wyoming +6 at TCU: The Cowboys defense should be able to shut down TCU, having little if any offense. Plus, there’s the revenge factor off last year’s loss. WYOMING, BEST BET.

Now for the NFL.

Steelers -9 at Raiders: This game comes courtesy of my long time buddy Syl Valella, who told me this past Sunday while sitting at Red Rock and playing the ponies that you can mortgage your house on Pittsburgh. STEELERS.

PS — Don’t mortgage your house, Syl is usually wrong.