Meshuganas can be a posi-
tive in college football

Oct 24, 2006 2:17 AM

Having a Western, Eastern and Central Michigan in the Mighty MAC, it’s always been a problem distinguishing one from another. Hence, the Meshuganas.

Webster’s defines Meshuganas: Slang insult (Jewish) meaning a totally unreasonable person. In betting circles, our Meshuganas mean "we’re covering this week.’’

The three MAC Meshuganas are a combined 15-6 against the spread, including a perfect 3-0 last week. For those who take karma seriously, file this for Nov. 4. This week, Central is off and Eastern visits Western.

But, there’s plenty of opportunity to cash.

Georgia +14 vs Florida: The world’s largest cocktail party should see the Gators exploit a Georgia defense still not over giving up 51 in Athens to Tennessee. FLORIDA.

ECU +5 at So. Miss: ECU has been a great cover team as a dog and should enjoy the role here. USM was pounded at Virginia Tech and is still groggy. ECU.

Oklahoma +2½ at Missouri: The Tigers have a real shot at pulling off the win in Columbia, especially with Peterson out for Sooners. MIZZU.

Kentucky -2 at Miss St: Wins are long and far between in Starkville, but the Wildcats are not Georgia and State lost to UGA by just 3 in Athens. MISS ST.

Clemson -4 at Va Tech: Thursday special. Can’t bet against the Tigers with that awesome 1-2 punch at RB. Hokies lost to Ga Tech, who Tigers thrashed. CLEMSON.

FSU -4½ at Maryland: What a great in-season coaching job done at Maryland! Terps should send some tips to overrated and probably rusty Seminoles. MARYLAND.

Buffalo +36 at BC: You’ve got to be kidding? Knowing BC’s reputation for playing up to its competition, we’re all over the dog. Eagles will just show up. BUFFALO.

No Illinois +17 at Iowa: The Hawkeyes had not lost back-to-back games in the Ferentz era until last week at Michigan. Could it be 3? UNI.

Illinois +20½ at Wisconsin: The Illini would rather switch than fight. Wisconsin is hottest Big 10 item outside Ohio State and Michigan. WISCONSIN.

BYU -8½ at Air Force: To play UNLV often gives superior teams a false sense of security. Air Force and old-school option make it close. AIR FORCE.

Miami, Fla +6 at GT: Calvin Johnson was blanked against Clemson. The great GT wideout will catch a few against Miami badboys. Canes barely beat Duke but will show here. MIAMI.

USC -13 at Oregon St: Upset alert. Trojans off a bye hit Corvallis, the Bermuda Triangle of the Pac 10. Plus, the Beavers are on a roll. OREGON ST.

Texas A&M -4½ at Baylor: Upset alert II. A&M may be the luckiest team in America. Could be another OT result. Waco is, well, Waco. BAYLOR.

Texas -12½ at Texas Tech: The Horns got their scare last week at Nebraska. Tech gets the bully treatment. TEXAS.