Ditka would not accept any ‘pink’ QB

Oct 24, 2006 3:10 AM

Maybe Mike Ditka was right. Maybe the NFL should put pink skirts on the quarterbacks.

The quarterback spot proved again Sunday that it’s an extremely vulnerable position. Even after all the rules the league has adopted and officials have enforced over the edge of the written rule, QBs are still coming up hurt.

Big Ben was knocked out by a helmet-to helmet hit and removed from the game in the third quarter. Matt Hasselbeck needs an MRI on his knee and Andrew Walter pulled a hammy. Charlie Frye was also hit in the head and told by a doctor at the post game news conference to only answer two questions. The only one he could answer was,"What’s your name?"

The dogs found a way to trick the faves on 8-of-12 games last week.

Texans +3 at Titans: Both teams playing better defense the last three weeks. The Titans aren’t worthy of a play in this spot simply because they don’t score enough. I’m backing David Carr over Vince Young in a close cover. TEXANS.

Jags +4½ at Eagles: At home, Jags look like they belong in the Super Bowl. On the road, they’re making their backers sick enough to be headed to the toilet bowl! Philly fanatics begging for a win after losing two straight on the road to Saints and Bucs. Jags have to prove the loss to the Texans wasn’t a fluke. McNabb needs to stop throwing TD passes to the opposing team! EAGLES.

Falcons +5 at Bengals: Falcons fought off defensive injuries and were able to squeak by Pittsburgh as Michael Vick finally put some much anticipated air under the ball. The Bengals dealt successfully with an offensive line injury and came out on top by 3 after throwing a rookie into the mix. I’m just not seeing Bengals blowing teams away. In fact, Cincinnati is barely winning. FALCONS.

Bucs +7½ at Giants: Gruden was on the ropes after an 0-4 start. But his team has answered the bell and come out of its corner swinging the last two weeks with impressive straight up upsets over the Bengals and Eagles. Whatever the number of points the favorite is giving Tampa Bay, I have the feeling it’s too many. If the Bucs need a 70-yard field goal this week, Bryant has told Gruden not to worry. BUCS.

49ers +17½ at Bears: Rex Grossman was sound asleep in Arizona and the entire Bears offense was in hibernation. Now that the Arizona Cards have delivered a wake up call, Da Bears should be looking for some Alex Smith berries to pick off. But you know The Dog pretty well by now. There’s no way I’m laying this number, even if it’s on the mighty Bears. 49ERS.

Cards +4 at Packers: After Da Bear debacle and watching Denny Green snap at the post-game news conference, I’m scared out of my mind of what the Cards might do next. The first thing they did after blowing the 20-point halftime lead in that Monday night game was give the Raiders their first win! PACKERS.

Seahawks -3½ at Chiefs: Shaun Alexander still sitting out, mending his broken foot. Meanwhile, Seahawks bettors haven’t cashed a winning ticket in a month! It might be a longer wait depending on Hasselbeck’s knee. For those of you who thought Larry Johnson was dead, he is beginning to show signs of life. Fantasy football owners, if you haven’t shot yourselves already, don’t pull the trigger yet. CHIEFS.

Ravens +1½ at Saints: The Saints have me believing in the entire system. Sean Peyton has the defense playing tough and the offense is mixing it up enough to keep opposing defenses on their heels. Steve McNair has fallen short of the Super Bowl savior he was intended to be. SAINTS.

Rams +8½ at Chargers: Chiefs proved Philip Rivers is human and not invincible on defense. Rams are too explosive to be handed this many points. RAMS.

Steelers -8 at Raiders: Oakland took advantage of a demoralized Cardinals team. Steelers won’t give in so easy. Pittsburgh needs a win to avoid falling out of the divisional race. STEELERS.

Jets -1 at Browns: Cleveland’s defense is dead tired. Offense can’t make a first down so they’re on the field most of the game. This should be an easy win for the visitors. JETS.

Colts +3 at Broncos: Denver can’t keep pace offensively. I think the linesmakers have the wrong favorite here. COLTS.

Cowboys +3 at Panthers: After scoring three TDs against Houston in the second half, TO complained that he should start getting the ball more in the first half. He’s always whining about stuff. Eventually, whiners lose. PANTHERS.

Pats -3 at Vikings: The Vikes have the D to keep this interesting. They’re stuffing the run and Chester Taylor has been able to gain yards with some authority on the other side of the ball. Pats face a moving target this week. VIKINGS.