George Jones plays Sam’s Town

Feb 6, 2001 7:21 AM

Country music legend George Jones will perform two Sam’s Town concerts on Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. Tickets are $35 and $45. By most accounts, Jones is one of the finest vocalists in the history of country music. Through the decades, he has transcended trends and has never fallen off the charts.

From his rockabilly and honky-tonk roots to more orchestral pop songs, Jones has continued to make his brand of country music. He has produced hits every decade since the 1950s, and has had more charted singles than any other artist. Jones was inducted into the Country Music Association Hall of Fame in 1992.

His latest album, "The Cold Hard Truth," produced the hit, "Choices," released shortly after Jones suffered a near-fatal car crash in 1999. At the time, Jones said the song "could be the story of my life."

One of the ”˜Rats’ breaks from the ”˜Pack’


It seems the Tony Tillman drama at the Sahara has finally reached a dénouement. The Sammy Davis impressionist has decided to leave "The Rat Pack is Back" to pursue a solo career.

We first reported he was fired, then rehired, then quit, then was rehired and is now voluntarily leaving the show, co-produced by David Cassidy. The split was supposedly amicable, but with all the separations and reconciliations, I wonder if the Sahara made Tony sign a separate maintenance agreement?

At the MGM Grand, Rick Springfield is cranking it up as the new star of EFX. The show has a different ambiance now that the long-time rocker has taken over for Tommy Tune. It’s just as entertaining, only louder!

Also at the MGM, the new Crazy Horse Topless Revue is building a room near the coffee shop. But there’s a problem bringing in the franchise name from Paris. So the producers have floated a few alternate names, such as Le Femme Fatales, Le Femme Legs, Le Foie Gras, Creme Brulee, Ooh La La Vidal Sassoon ”” who knows?

The multi-talented Clint Holmes at Harrah’s has dropped the name, "Taking It Uptown," from the show’s marquee. The show is now called (oddly enough) "Clint Holmes." That’s a good sign when you don’t need a title and your name gets all the billing. Who knows? The next big step could be "Clint." And if he really hits the big time, "C." No matter what it’s called, Clint has a wonderful main room act. If you haven’t seen him, the show is a must see.

I am happy to report that Siegfried is slowly but surely coming back to life after three weeks of battling the flu. Assuming his symptoms don’t re-appear, his and partner Roy’s big press conference (probably announcing an extension of their contract, which runs out at the end of the year) has been rescheduled for Feb. 28.

My sympathy and condolences go to Bill Acosta, whose father passed away in Chicago last week. Also, my condolences extend to André Philippe, whose father has also passed on.

The rumor mill hints Robbie Knievel will not be jumping the Desert Inn Hotel any time soon. For those of you in the know, in 1968 his father jumped the fountains at Caesars Palace and crash-landed, suffering multiple broken bones and internal injuries. Smart move, Robbie!

On Feb. 25, Melinda the First Lady of Magic, who’s doing a brisk business at The Venetian, is hosting a benefit for Entertainers for Entertainers at the C2K Club to raise money for two of her dancers who were hit by uninsured motorists. This event could become an ongoing thing to help entertainers with no medical insurance. Let’s try to support such a worthy cause.

As we reported a couple of months ago, the new Latin show at Mandalay Bay, "Storm," is nearing its preview status.

At the Frontier, female impersonator Kenny Kerr is in the main room starting Feb. 8, and Legends of Comedy has decided to stay here.

At that Stratosphere, I raised a few eyebrows for saying that Susan Anton was looking for a contract. While that was the word, it had nothing to do with the current smash hit at the resort, American Superstars. The latter should be there forever. If they’re not, you’ll read about it here first!

At Caesars Palace, the Magical Empire will close later this year. The Congo Room, owned by TV and film stars Jimmy Smits and Jennifer Lopez, will take its place. Jennifer was in town last week, filming with Regis Philbin. She was happy to report that her album has hit No. 1, her movie The Wedding Planner has hit No. 1, and her romance with Puffy Comb has hit . . . take a number!

The Blue Note is offering Jazz Jam nights for local talent, who are encouraged to come on stage and perform. The club plans to announce jam sessions about once a month. This week, locals who turned out were Clint Holmes and Daddy Cade.

I am happy to report that Leslie Anders-Greco has a tribute show to Peggy Lee. Its Palm Springs opening (with her husband, Buddy) drew standing room only. When the show ended, they were still on their feet for a standing ovation.

VooDoo recipe for romance: oysters, champagne

Oysters and champagne may seem obvious choices for "loosening one’s libido," but other intoxicating foods put Valentines "in the mood," too.

Black truffles, caviar, frogs legs, lobsters, asparagus, morels and chervil are but few of the aphrodisiac ingredients that can help, according to Rio’s VooDoo Café Chef Joseph Cisneros. He’ll feature these on his special Valentine’s Day menu.

This Valentine’s Day, diners can indulge in frogleg-morel fricassee in mille feuille, caviar with crepes and oysters on the half shell. Or a lobster-asparagus ragout, topped with filet mignon and black truffle sauce.

Don’t forget cocktails, just what Dr. Love ordered: Sexual Trance (Absolut Citron, Midori, Chambord and tropical juices); Lookin for Love (Ketel Once vodka and Dekuyper Watermelon Pucker Schnapps with a splash of tropical juices); or the Silk Chocolate (Stoli vanilla vodka, dark crème de cacao and strawberry liqueur.) And finally, for dessert: white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake parfait and an assortment of chocolate truffles. Call the preacher!

According to Chef Cisneros, aphrodisiacs go all the way back to the beginning of man”¦after all what would Eve have been to Adam without the forbidden apple? Many scientists believe that the reason certain foods are believed to hold such power may be as simple as its vitamin and mineral make-up. Crab, lobster, crayfish and crawfish are full of amino acids, mineral salts and vitamin B. Urchin coral and prawns contain almost as much phosphorus. As with shellfish, oysters hold low amounts of protein and fat; high amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, iodine, sodium chloride and vitamin A, B, and C. All are believed to fire the senses. Caviar has lots of various vitamins. They are rich in phosphorus and nourish nerve cells. According to Cisneros, their aphrodisiac powers are enhanced by vodka.

Biochemists studying champagne phenomena discovered this stunning drink acts upon certain areas of the brain by inhibiting them. Cassanova, the great lover, gave champagne to his new conquests so they’d fall into his web. The Marquis of Pompadour, reputed to be frigid, used to waken her drive by drinking champagne after a warm bath. Louis XV’s favorites knew how to make him succumb by serving him champagne.

Chef Cisnero’s offers a few other "surefire" guidelines to follow: think extravagance. This notion goes back to the 18th century when black truffles, caviar and champagne became all the rage; finger foods, always sure-fire fuel because it creates interaction; and spirits, whether a fine wine with a special vintage year pertaining to the relationship, a bit of the bubbly or a wild cocktail concoction, this is a universal heart persuader.

VooDoo will also offer other special Valentine’s menu selections. And throughout the Rio Resort, Valentine’s Day planning is made simple, through an elegant menu of options complete with fine dining, flower and fine wines.

If the man wants to truly fulfill his lover’s dreams, he will treat his sweetheart to an evening of gourmet fare in one of Rio’s gourmet rooms.