Hesitating is over for
this frustrated puppy

Nov 7, 2006 5:27 AM

My dad always told me that he who hesitates is lost. That old line came back to haunt me Sunday night.

I hesitated on siding with the home dogs after pointing out to the readers last week that the home dawgs were steamrolling. Well, I hesitated to bet them and I lost! The home mutts were 3-0 on Sunday. The Lions, 49ers and Redskins pushed the home puppies record over the last month to 12-4.

The time to hesitate is through, or I’ll be wallowing in the mire the rest of the season! It’s been a rather difficult two weeks to put it mildly. If by any chance you’ve been betting against my selections the past two Sundays, there’s a good chance you’re in the Bahamas right now, pondering an early retirement.

It’s time to start picking winners before I turn into a turkey before Thanksgiving.

Chiefs -3 at Dolphins: Da Dolphins pounded Da Bears? Who would have thunk it? If it’s any consolation, I was trapped right along beside you. Miami finally played like everyone remembered the last six weeks of 2005 and what was presumed at the beginning of this season. It’s only one week of success. The second game the Fish have won and the only point spread they’ve covered this season. There might not be a QB controversy in Miami yet, but there’s certainly one brewing in Kansas City. Trent Green lost his memory for about 10 minutes after his concussion. When the fans were asked when Green will be ready to play they replied, "Trent who?" Damon Huard has been the man and should continue his hot season. Here I go picking a fight with the home underdogs again! CHIEFS.

Texans + 11½ at Jags: Both teams have a slightly different look now, even though they just met three weeks ago. In the first meeting, Houston won their second game of the season. The 27-7 outcome signified the first big sighting of Wali Lundy and the Texans have played much better since he’s been inserted as the main running back. Del Rio’s decision to insert David Garrard as the Jags starting QB was controversial, but the move has definitely given the Jags a boost. Difficult to turn the cheek to double digits after Texans won straight up. TEXANS.

Chargers -1½ at Bengals: Cincy has lost 4-of-5. Bengals need to win here to stay in the race with Baltimore. Here’s hoping the home dogs stay hot! BENGALS.

Browns + 8½ at Falcons: Charlie Frye may need to go to a one step drop. The defensive line hits him before he hits the pocket. The Browns may have the worst offensive line in the league, but somehow they’ve still managed to win all the money the last two weeks over Jets and Chargers. BROWNS.

Ravens -7 at Titans: Brian Billick is shaping up as a genius after winning two straight since taking over the offense. I’m still waiting for Billick to complicate the offense. The Ravens defense may be too good to prevent Billick from messing it up. Vince Young should be running for his life. RAVENS.

Bills +10 at Colts: Let me see. Peyton or J.P.? After one second of deliberation the pick is Manning over Losman any week of the season. Colts come home after two hard fought wins as underdogs on the road. COLTS.

Saints + 3 at Steelers: "The Bus" Bettis said you can stick a fork in the Steelers. I tend to disagree. However, I do think the fat lady is vocalizing backstage. Pittsburgh has taken a whupping the last three weeks and many of the wounds have been self-inflicted. I think the Steelers are going to take out some pent up frustration on the upstart Saints. STEELERS.

Redskins + 5½ at Eagles: Philly has lost three straight after starting the season 4-1. The bye week came at a perfect time for Eagles to regroup and lick their wounds. Skins coming off emotional high and should be ready for a rest after thrilling last second field goal to beat the Cowboys. EAGLES.

Bears + 1 at Giants: I’m not sure the Giants will be able to rattle Rex Grossman as roughly as the Dolphins did, but they’re definitely going to give it their best shot. The extent of injuries to Strahan and Urlacher were unknown early in the week. Let’s call it even and go with the home team. GIANTS.

Packers + 6½ at Vikings: Minnesota started 4-2, but has been exposed as potential pretenders the last two weeks. Brad Johnson appears to be fading back to pass in a pocket of quicksand. PACKERS.

Jets + 8 at Patriots: The Pats may struggle with the likes of Manning and the Colts, but they picked apart the Vikings, Bills and Bengals. The Jets are no better than those three and should be no match for the ticked off Pats, still smarting over the way Manning manhandled them on Sunday night. PATS.

49ers + 6½ at Lions: Two extremely weak franchises coming off impressive upsets. I’m not sure the Lions should be favored over any team by a touchdown. NINERS.

Broncos -7 at Raiders: Four weeks ago, Broncos defeated Raiders 13-3 at home. Denver backers didn’t cash tickets that week, but should in this spot. Denver offense is heating up. Jake The Fake might still have the potential to be The Snake. BRONCOS.

Rams +4 at Seahawks: Seattle barely beat the Rams with a healthy Hasselbeck four weeks ago. Seattle won 30-28 on a last second field goal. Rams return the favor here. RAMS.

Cowboys -7 at Cardinals: This could be Denny Green’s swan song. Tony Romo looks like the real deal. Third straight road game for Dallas, but don’t let that deter you from laying the points. COWBOYS.

Bucs + 10 at Panthers: Carolina coming off bye and two big losses to the Bengals and Cowboys. Panthers not blowing teams away like many thought they would on their way to the Super Bowl. Take the points and know you’re on the right side. BUCS.