NFL Week 10: Dog
lovers had field day

Nov 14, 2006 3:27 AM

If you love keeping a dog bet tucked away, you had to enjoy last Sunday.

Eleven out of 15 dogs covered the point spread, while seven pups won straight up!

The home dawgs continued to impress, winning the money in 3-of-5 contests. The home mutts have barked their way to a 15-6 record over the last five weeks. And, if you missed out on the action, you’ll have another chance to fire away this weekend. Five home teams should be on the receiving end of the points.

Let’s see if some of those big home dogs will hunt out some winners in Week 11. I hear the dogs howling.

Raiders + 11 at Chiefs: Raiders have been the worst enemy of anyone trying cash an easy ticket betting on a favorite. The Warren Sapp led defense continues to allow the Silver and Black to hang around and cover point spreads. I loved Sapp’s introduction of his secondary, "If you want some, come get some!" Was he referring to all the money you win betting against the Raiders? I don’t think so, but this is a tough road spot. CHIEFS.

Colts -3 at Cowboys: I’m not a huge T.O. fan, but am of Bill Parcells. The Tuna has accomplished a lot, even with all the distractions. The Colts seems to will their way to winy. No doubt Peyton Manning is the best QB right now. However, it’s tough to be up emotionally each week. I’m starting to believe in those home dogs. COWBOYS.

Bengals +3 at Saints: Cincy has lost five of the last six games with four coming at home! Too many holes in the Bengals defense. SAINTS.

Steelers -3 at Browns: Jerome, your reporting of the Steelers playoff death may have been greatly exaggerated. Pittsburgh won all the money last week versus New Orleans for its first cover in several weeks. Browns have won every last penny of the money the last three weeks. BROWNS.

Titans +11 at Eagles: Fisher won’t allow Titans to quit. Ravens were lucky to leave Tennessee with a one point win. I’m not sure how badly Vince Young was injured at the end of that game, but Titans are 3-1 ATS in last four. TITANS.

Falcons + 6 at Ravens: Michael Vick had two of the better games of his career against Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. The lowly Lions and Browns figured out a way to make him look like a rookie. Vick has Steve Martin’s happy feet and it’s not a pretty sight. RAVENS.

Rams + 5 at Panthers: Josh Brown has put a curse on the Rams. They haven’t been the same since Seattle beat them with a long last-second field goal. Rams have lost four straight and last Sunday was deja vu with another Josh Brown game-winning FG. PANTHERS.

Bills +2 at Texans: Houston has won its last two home games versus Miami and Jacksonville. I think the Texans are anxious to play at home and will have no problem chalking up their fourth win and third at home. TEXANS.

Patriots -6 at Packers: Brett Favre was supposed to be finished. Oh my, look who’s racking up the yards and TD passes now. It’s the grey bearded one. Even though Brady has lost two straight, I don’t think he’s finished. However, it’s difficult to bet on a team when they’re struggling. PACKERS.

Redskins + 2 at Bucs: I’m not sure how much of a threat Washington is with Clinton Portis (broken hand) and Mark Brunell (broken down legs, aging arm.) BUCS.

Bears -5½ at Jets: The Jets are slightly underrated. They laid two eggs on the road to Jags and Browns. Other than those two malfunctions, these Jets are winning plenty of money. JETS.

Vikings +3½ at Dolphins: The Fish are streaky. Miami closed the season last year with six straight wins. They started the season losing 6-of-7, including four consecutive games before the bye. The Dolphins made Ws out of the Bears and Chiefs. DOLPHINS.

Lions +1 at Cardinals: I’m not betting on Arizona at home, even if it involves snapping a 9-game losing streak! LIONS.

Seahawks -6 at 49ers: The SF offense improving slightly each week. Seattle about to get much healthier with both Alexander and Hasselbeck close to returning. What that means is Seattle should be over-valued. NINERS.

Chargers +3 at Broncos: Can anyone stop the Chargers? LT has racked up 15 TDs in the last five games! Chargers go down 21 at halftime to the Bengals and win. I’m sorry, that’s too tough a team to mess with. CHARGERS.

Giants + 2½ at Jaguars: G-men won the first half versus Chicago. Manning’s G-men now need to concentrate on showing up for the second half. Jack Del Rio has a decision to make as far as his QB for the rest of the season. GIANTS.