Time to listen to
(we) the people

Nov 14, 2006 5:01 AM

Colts —1 versus Cowboys: Dallas will have trouble keeping up with the offense of Indy. Don’t be fooled by their low output at home — they are indeed for real.

Rams +7 versus Panthers: Rams are playing everybody tough. This game should be no exception. I’ll take the touchdown!

Arizona —1 versus Detroit: A classic battle of the have-nots. This game is unwatchable without a bet, and certainly unbearable with one. Find out the score later, and you’ll see the home team will record yet another victory.

(NOTE: By popular demand, this week I’ll throw in a few totals. I don’t know the numbers yet, but I’ll give it a guess.)

Chargers at Broncos — Go "over" this game if the number is less than 50. Don’t bet it until you’ve checked the Sunday weather.

Bills at Houston — Go "under" 38 or more, and don’t worry about the weather.

The American people have spoken. They have declared that our government has gotten us in a position of total no-win proportions. Now that the Democratic Party has exchanged power with the Republican Party, will it solve our dilemma, or will it create a worse one?

Are we as a government going to stand up and admit that we’ve made a horrible mistake in Iraq? Are we men enough to tell the world we were wrong and ask their forgiveness?

Or do we spend the next few years fighting amongst ourselves and trying desperately to prove that we were right after all? Our esteemed leader insisted the other day that this Country "will stay the course."

Has he not seen the irreparable damage we have created? Have the election results not sunk in yet? Is it not a fact that governmental officials are supposed to represent the people of this country? Is it so important to be right all of the time even when you’re dead wrong?

We face two long years with a divided country with the Congressional power versus the Presidential power. Must we waste these two years with our children and grandchildren continuing to die every day as we attempt to "stay the course?"

I can foresee Presidential vetoes and Senatorial filibusters in our future. In the words of Kenny Rogers’ song "you got to know when to hold ”˜em, and you got to know when to fold ”˜em," I can’t believe George W hasn’t ever heard that song.

Let’s get out of that godforsaken country now and get dealt a new hand. So we leave with our tail between our legs and are labeled losers. Everybody is a loser sometimes. If you don’t believe that try following some of my picks every week.