Win Cards eclipse
20-year milestone

Nov 14, 2006 5:42 AM

The WIN CARDS program celebrates its 20th anniversary of assisting casino players at this year’s Global Gaming Expo.

WIN CARDS are handy, plastic cards with a dial, which are designed to assist casino operators in attracting and developing new players for their live games of blackjack, craps and roulette.

Most recently, they have been helpful as a means with which casinos can cross-market their poker players to the casinos games in the pit.

"The program works as advertised," said Chuck Taylor, casino manager at the Edgewater Hotel & Casino inn Laughlin. "New players have flocked to our live games due to the WIN CARDS."

Taylor added that WIN CARDS reduce the intimidation of the games and gets beginners quickly into the casino’s live action.

"Every casino that has table games should be offering this program to their customers," Taylor continued. "They should be calling Gaming International, Inc., right away, if they’re interested in attracting new players, and get a trial of this ingenious casino marketing program."

At the Four Queens in Las Vegas — one of many casinos to embrace the WIN CARDS Program — one craps player said he never would have tried the dice if it weren’t for the WIN CARDS.

"They gave me the courage and confidence to try the game out and now, with these handy cards, I am playing craps and I actually know what I am doing!" the player said. "I can’t wait to tell my friends about these great little cards and how easy it makes learning how to play."

In Northern Nevada, the WIN CARDS were recently introduced at the Hyatt Regency, Lake Tahoe.

"These cards are perfectly suited for our casino’s marketing objectives," reports Joel Loots, casino marketing director. "Many of our guests are not ”˜pre-disposed’ to play in the casino, especially our table games. The WIN CARDS Promotion is just what both our tourist clientele and our business travelers need ... an easy access to our casino’s games."

The very first casino to introduce the WIN CARDS Program was the High Sierra Hotel & Casino, (the former Sahara Tahoe) in Lake Tahoe, in 1986. Its general manager, Larry Close, and casino manager Andy Chantri were ahead of their time in recognizing the need to introduce beginners to the casino’s live games.

Now, 20 years later, the latest casino to introduce the WIN CARDS Program is the Mill Casino and Hotel, in Coos Bay, Oregon. Astoundingly, Larry Close is the general manager of this casino, thus he has the distinction of being the first and latest casino operator to deal the WIN CARDS program.

International casinos in the Caribbean have also experienced great success in marketing their casino’s live games to their customers with this program. WIN CARDS are currently available at the Curacao Marriott and the Royal Beach Casino Resort in St. Kitts.

The WIN CARDS Program can be installed on a 90 day free trial basis. For information call 1-866-4-WINCARDS, or 775-588-4222 for more information. Check out their web site at, or visit the G2E Booth No. 2224.