Horsey du Soleil!

Nov 20, 2006 4:27 AM

Last week I went to see "Cavalia," which is a kind-of equestrian Horse du Soleil. What a spectacular four-legged odyssey!

The show is staged in a big white top at the Rio back parking lot. The spectacle of these beautiful animals, so well-trained and graceful, is breathtaking.

The big top houses a 160-foot long playground where the horses agility, power and grace are showcased in total liberty. Cavalia, Horse du Soleil, bravo!

We will all miss one of our greatest stars, Ruth Brown, Miss Rhythm herself, who just passed away after a long illness. A resident of Las Vegas, she spent her latter years performing at the Bootlegger, where she stole the show.

Ruth was well-known for her passionate style, which inspired other great artists such as Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, even Christina Aguilara. She’s now singing in heaven with the angels. God bless you, Ruth.

One of the most extraordinary and unbelievable events this week for Monti was a press event at the Golden Nugget. The Golden Nugget was recently purchased by the Landry Corp. and has been completely renovated to new luster.

Once the jewel of downtown, the Golden Nugget is more sparkling than ever, from the pool, the fish tanks, the restaurants, the showroom, right down to the gift bags. What a gift bag, from towels to robes to chips to T-shirts, hats. It was one of those great press events, like this town used to stage. They spared no expense in showing the media what is in store for downtown.

What else can make downtown the happening place again? What can attract the tourists? What can attract the locals? Are they turning the Neonapolis into a casino? Is the Lady Luck opening again? Condominiums are going up at incredible rates.

This weekend we had Barbara Streisand selling out at the MGM. Tickets were $100 to $1,000. Then we have the wonderful Liza Minnelli reopening at the Luxor with a special performance for the "gypsies" that is an old Las Vegas tradition.

At Comedy Central, Don Rickles was honored at Caesars Palace with a bronze plaque in the shape of a laurel wreath.

Over at the Venetian, I went to see Gordie Brown, who also did a spot on David Letterman during Impressionist Week. He really brought the house down. There is a bright future for this comedian.

Over at the Rio’s Club 3121, the Prince nightclub, Chaka Khan-Chaka Khan brought the house down. Chaka Khan!

Over at the Aladdin, or is it Planet Hollywood, I keep writing in this column that the Steve Wyrick theater will be opening there and all these stars are lined up to open. When is the opening, Steve?

Krave, the nightclub at Desert Passage, has the Sopranos and Fashanitas which is hanging in there longer than any show in history. And they have the new state of the art opening at Planet Hollywood or is it the Aladdin soon. Has business picked up at Deserted Passage? Sorry, Desert Passage.

Things to come, things to go, things that go oops in the night. We think of Las Vegas as the X-rated, girlie show city. Strippers, pole dancers. One has to remember and think what closed — "Bareback," "Skin Tight," "Cover Girls". The real gem is "La Femme" at the MGM, the old "Crazy Horse" show. This is a masterpiece. Anita Mann’s "Fantasy" at the Luxor. We have to marvel. Let’s not forget the wedding of Tom Cruise and his wonderful bride this weekend. I wasn’t invited. I was so hurt and I joined Scientology this week. I had my dress all picked out. Tom, you forgot Ms. Rock. I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving.

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