Parity turns to turmoil

Nov 21, 2006 1:50 AM

Commissioner David Stern can talk parity in the NBA, but roughly 10 games into a regular season of 82 the standings resembles a coup d’etat.

Utah at 9-1, Cleveland 7-3, Orlando 7-3, Golden State 7-3, New Orleans 7-3 on the positive side. Miami, Dallas and Detroit combining for a 14-14 record on the minus side.

No wonder our early results are resembling the long season of NFL despair. Surgery is likely to sideline Shaq for a couple of months. Yao Ming is putting up career numbers for Houston, yet the Rockets still can’t overtake San Antonio.

And, the Suns can’t hold on to a double-digit lead. Other than that, there’s not much to discuss.

So let’s get to the early games of Wednesday and Thursday, leading into GT’s main man Andy Iskoe to carry us into the weekend.


Wizards at Mavs: Dallas has turned things around, following an 0-4 start. Washington is one of the league’s most exciting teams thanks to the splendid play of Gilbert Arenas, a 40-point scoresheet waiting to happen. Defense is out the window here. WIZs / OVER.

Grizzlies at Cavs: If it’s Tuesday, the Cavs must be at home. And, that means a heavy dose of the LaBrons, especially King James himself. Larry Hughes, when healthy, has been a nice playmate for LaBron and Drew Gooden has been a consistent twin-double. Memphis off to a 1-8 start, including 0-5 on the road. Ouch. CAVS.


Heat +0 at Spurs: San Antonio has been one of the few elite teams to get off on the right foot. With no Shaq, expect Tim Duncan to run wild during the time Alonzo Mourning is on the bench. Udonis Haslem is going to have to bring his A-game to keep the vultures off D-Wade. Not likely against San Antonio, which comes at you in waves. SAN ANTONIO.

Hornets +0 at Suns: Chris Paul is rapidly becoming the best point guard in the league. The Suns are still scoring, but the defense is nonexistent. New Orleans/Okie City is likely to be getting a decent amount of points. We’ll take them. HORNETS.