A little love for
the ill-fated few

Nov 21, 2006 2:55 AM

Bills +3 vs. Jaguars: Jacksonville has a real short week, and no Leftwich, and probably lousy weather, and giving the home team 3 points to boot. You do the math!

Ravens -3 vs. Pittsburgh: Ravens defense may be reinforced this week by the return of "All World" Ray Lewis. It should be enough to beat up on Big Ben.

Bengals vs. Browns: Bengals’ offense is back on track. Play the over if it’s in the low 40s.

Cardinals vs. Vikings: Neither team can score enough. If the number is 38 go under.

Miami vs. Detroit: Both teams will try to run if the game stays close. I can’t imagine either team pulling too far ahead of the other. Bet it under.

The following is a list of people who either are remembered for their minute mistakes or are best known for the wrong reasons. Each person should be either forgiven or evaluated on his or her accomplishments that far overcome their shortcomings.

Whether it’s an incident or a deliberate act, it must be remembered that we are all far from perfect, and who among us will cast the first stone?

My Hall of Fame is composed of sports figures, who have not been given their true accolades.

Lance Armstrong — I don’t care if he did or did not cheat; he beat cancer and all the rest of the world playing their game.

Barry Bonds — When a batter is intentionally walked with the bases loaded in a close ball game he automatically becomes the most feared hitter in baseball history, with or without steroids.

Bill Buckner — A really good first baseman who let a ball go through his legs in a World Series game that eventually turned the Mets into the champs, and the Red Sox into the chumps.

Al Davis — Al is in the Adelphi College Hall of Fame, and so is my brother Mort, so that’s good enough for me. Who may I ask did more for AFL Football than Al during the struggling times prior to the NFL merger? Just win baby!

Jack Franzi — Jack was the main man during the Golden Years for the Coast Properties, and helped change the landscape for sports betting in Las Vegas.

Mark McGuire — He refused comment to a Congressional Committee, but what a thrill he gave us all the year in his epic battle with Sammy Sosa.

Art Manteris — Some people don’t like the way Art operates, but his longevity as a director of sports books proves his value for his employers. God bless him — he’s the last man standing!

Raphael Palmero — He never should have pointed his finger at a Senate Committee Meeting and said "Never." A short conference with Mark McGuire prior to his testimony would have landed him in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

General George Patton — I loved when he told his cowardly dog "Your name isn’t William, it’s Willie." He may have stretched some rules somewhat, but he sure got the job done.

Pete Rose — Charlie Hustle was indeed a delight to watch on the baseball diamond. For his size he played as big as anybody ever has. Who am I to blackball a guy for betting on baseball — I do it every day.

Frank Rosenthal — Frank was the Godfather of sports betting at the infamous Stardust Hotel. Without him the industry would not be where it is today. The question is "Where is it today?"

Jimmy "the Greek" Snyder — What Jimmy said on TV was true, and millions of people would absolutely agree with him today. However, in his day the networks couldn’t stand for it and fired him. What a bum rap he got.

George Steinbrenner — George made the New York Yankees what they are today, the most hated team in professional sports. Can anybody convince me why that’s not good for the sport? They outdraw everyone, both for and against them.

Jimmy Vaccaro — Jimmy’s performance at The Mirage during the Golden Years was second to none. His class behind the counter matched the architectural elegance of Nevada’s most beautiful hotel.

In conclusion, I’d like to mention one person who’d never make my list — O.J. Simpson. He crossed the line of humanity, and a person such as he should be put out on the sidewalk every Tuesday and Friday morning. He’s written a book that will sell for $24.95, and if you buy it you’ll never be forgiven by me as he’ll surely get a piece of it.

Don’t eat too much turkey, it’ll put you to sleep before the games are over.