Who’s 2?

Nov 21, 2006 4:02 AM

Finally, we can see the national title game through the fog.

Ohio State is there, probably facing either Michigan or Southern Cal. We’re not even going to debate who should be No. 2. We’ll let this week’s Notre Dame-USC game in Los Angeles answer that question.

As for such wannabees like Rutgers, Wake Forest and California, naysayers will have a field day with those "told you so" comments regarding the teams’ disappointing efforts this past Saturday.

The Irish, Florida, West Virginia and Arkansas could throw a wrench in the BCS picture if each runs the table. West Virginia has the best chance, but the odds of the Mounties taking on the Buckeyes for all the marbles is about the same as finding another planet to replace Pluto.

We’re stinging from Notre Dame, Duke and Wyoming blowing covers late, but here’s hoping for a late bounce back in what used to be known as Rivalry Week. Some of those matchups like Michigan-Ohio State, Auburn-Alabama and Tennessee-Vandy were moved up seven days.

But, there’s still plenty to chew on this weekend.

BC -4½ at Miami, FL: Eagles reminisce the Flutie Thanksgiving miracle some 20 years ago. Miami trying to end the season with its players out of jail. BC.

Texas A&M +13½ at Texas: The Aggies are college football’s heartbreak kids. Early on, people said they were lucky. Either way, they play close games. With Texas now out of the BCS title game, expect a nailbiter. A&M.

LSU at Arkansas: The Hogs clinched a berth against Florida in the SEC title game. LSU made a great escape against Ole Miss. That means they were looking head to this one. LSU.

Oregon at Oregon St: The Ducks are quacking up. Oregon State is thinking bowl. OSU.

Air Force at UNLV: The Rebels scored 16 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to pull out an unlikely cover against Wyoming. The disciplined Falcons won’t let that happen here. AF

USF at W. Virginia: The Mountaineers now look like the best in the Big East. USF comes off a shutout loss at Louisville. More bad news. WVU

Kentucky at Tennessee: Ainge is back healthy again and throwing TDs for the Vols. Kentucky can match the firepower, but can’t stop anyone. OVER.

WF at Maryland: The balloon burst for the Deacons against Va Tech. Now the Maryland game has far less impact, especially with the Terps also losing last week. MARYLAND.

ECU at NC State: This could be the last game in Raleigh that Chuck Amato coaches. ECU would like nothing better than to stick it to an ACC team in Tobacco Road. ECU.

Florida at FSU: The Gators have two QBs. The Seminoles have none. FLA.

BYU at Utah: This will top off a remarkable regular season for the high-octane Cougars and stud QB John Beck. BYU

Arizona State at Arizona: State of confusion meets a team in the Zona. Arizona caught Oregon down last week. Ditto here with ASU off home loss to UCLA. ARIZONA.

Louisville at Pitt: The Panthers don’t need to face Louisville the week after West Virginia. Those teams can compare winning scores. LOUISVILLE

S. Carolina at Clemson: Last month, I would have said Clemson easy in Death Valley. Now Spurrier’s roosters have a chance to cluck. S.CAROLINA

Boise St at Nevada: No blue turf in Reno. Upset alert for the unbeaten Broncos. Nevada can score with anyone. NEVADA.

Purdue at Hawaii: Good bowl practice for the Bows. Purdue enjoys the trip until kickoff. HAWAII.