1 vs. 2 best ever!

Nov 21, 2006 4:42 AM

The Ohio State-Michigan game this past Saturday was truly college football at its finest.

The fans, bands and student bodies on both sides of the stands added to the spectacle, while behaving like sane humans. The excitement started with the Ohio State band playing and dancing out the script Ohio and then the legendary dotting of the i.

It wasn’t the final outcome that amazed me, but that there were no fights when the thousands of students stormed on to the field to be near the Buckeyes. Police did not have to hit people over the head with a "billy club." No, it was subdued excitement. Just a lot of singing and cheers. The team didn’t try to get off the field, choosing to join in the celebration. It was a spectacle the entire Big Ten, Ohio State and the states of Ohio and Michigan should be proud of.

One interesting not about the final score of 42-39: The 4 digit Ohio Lottery number this past Saturday was 4-2-3-9.

So who will get to face the Buckeyes for the Championship? Well if Southern Cal beats Notre Dame this week and then defeat UCLA the following week it will be the Trojans. Even if the Irish knocked off Southern Cal, I don’t think they will have enough BCS power points to get into the game.

If the National Championship game was between the Buckeyes and Irish I would love to have a couple of tickets to scalp. It will be Ohio State vs USC and I see the Buckeyes as -6 ½ point favorites.

The end of the first half in West Virginia-Pittsburgh game brought to mind an old Seinfeld episode when George was unemployed and talking to Jerry about what kind of work he could do. He asked Jerry what he though about him being a sports broadcaster. Jerry looked at him like he was nuts.

Well, one of the color guys stated Pitt took the lead for the first time after hitting a field goal the end of the first half. He had no clue that Pitt scored on the opening kickoff of the game. I said to myself, George could be an announcer and so could I.

Thanks to Kansas and Hawaii for getting me out of the hole last week. I hope not to get stuck early this week.


Ohio -4 at Miami: The Bobcats are one tough team on defense and should be able to shut down the Redhawks’ lackluster offense and get revenge for six straight losses. This will be the best chance for an Ohio win in years. Look for super effort as Ohio posts its nine win this season. OHIO.

Fresno St -11 at La Tech: Late get out game. The Bulldogs will put it too the Bulldogs. That is, Fresno State will handle La Tech. This is double revenge for Fresno and after finally playing a good game last week. FRESNO ST.


SMU +3 at Rice: The Owls have been playing great. I give them a big shot, having won and covered five straight including victories against UTEP, Tulsa and East Carolina. RICE.

San Jose St -6½ at Idaho: The Spartans, back from their trip to Honolulu after getting hammered by the Rainbow Warriors, face a team with no offense. SAN JOSE ST.

Arizona St +3 at Arizona:Sometimes a team just puts it together. That appears to have happened to the Wildcats, winning three straight. The offense has come alive, especially in last week’s big 37-10 trouncing of the quackless Oregon Ducks in Eugene. ARIZONA -3 (Best Best).

Notre Dame +7 at USC: I just don’t believe the Irish are good enough to beat the Trojans. USC is too good on defense and ND won’t be able to stop them. I don’t see the superior Trojans losing in La La land. USC.

Boise St -3 at Nevada: If I am stuck late, as I usually am, I will go to my two team parlay Nevada +3 with Hawaii -16. Boise will be the last undefeated team will go down. The red hot Wolfpack have covered nine straight and are 10-1 ATS. A win here is overdue. Nevada hasn’t beaten Boise since a 56-42 victory in 1997, losing seven in a row. NEVADA.

Purdue +16 at Hawaii: I really wanted to make this my best bet, but the linesmakers have really adjusted this point spread. I don’t think the Boilermakers will be in much of a mood to play, thinking more about checking out the bikini chicks on the beaches. Hawaii will pull no punches here. HAWAII.

NFL (Remember, bet the opposite)


Lions +3, Bucs +11, Broncos -1


Bills +2 ½, Ravens -2 ½ (Best Bet); Redskins +4, Pats -3, Eagles +13, Raiders +11.