It was a Wild
ride up north!

Nov 27, 2006 1:57 AM

Carol it is good to get home again in Las Vegas and rest up for a few days until we are off again to the Aviation club on the Champs Elysee in Paris.

This will mark the fifth year that we have crossed the pond to host "The European Seniors" poker tourney.

This year we have invited one of our Oklahoma daughters, Sheri, to come with us and our Las Vegas daughter "Oklahoma Sarah" Hale for a Paris shopping trip.

I just won a little money up at the Wildhorse Fall Poker Round-Up in Pendleton, Oregon, where when I finished in the money a couple of times.

Yes, the Wildhorse Fall Poker Round-Up was a little different kind of tournament.

They set new records in all of their events and I got a lot lucky and finished fourth in the $500 no limit hold’em championship event.

There were 641 cowboys and cowgirls entered into the event.

No, I could not win it but I stayed with the waddies from noon until about 4 a.m., when my pony bucked me out of the saddle in fourth position.

So I won a little something and I am going to spring for a Paris shopping trip for all my girls.

Now, Carol, this comes with a caution and it’s something you already know, our girls are high maintenance. So, you may have to help me out and come up with some of the money you won when you also finished second in the ladies poker championship event at the Reno Peppermill.

Yes, on our recent poker tour we stopped by a lot of little and big poker rooms, just to visit old friends and make new ones and just to pay expenses.

You played and won second in this ladies only poker tournament when we stopped by Reno to visit with out friend and new poker guru, Mike Gainey, at the Peppermill in the biggest little city in the world, Reno.

Yes, the Wildhorse is named Wild for a reason; here is just one of them:

I saw a bunch of whippersnappers playing Indian Poker at Wildhorse. Now, I’ve played Indian Poker before, but never for no limit!

That’s right — Indian no limit hold’em poker!

I have played it for $5 and $10, but these young whippersnappers — who must own several money trees or picked their parents very well — were playing the game no limit.

Here’s how they played with blinds of $2 and $5. Two cards go to each player, and without looking at them they would place the two cards as if they were Indian feathers on their heads (hence the name Indian Poker).

All the players could see the other players’ cards but could not see their own.

The game was wild with all the whippersnappers whooping it up and thousands of dollars in each pot.

As the games progressed the sound of the winners was so loud that you would think that their favorite team had just scored the deciding touchdown at the Super Bowl.

OK-J Poker Tip of The Week

If you are going to play no limit hold’em Indian Poker, you should pick your parents very, very carefully or you should marry well.

If not, then play lay like Geronimo and take no prisoners.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.