Falcons flying
low in Atlanta

Nov 28, 2006 4:51 AM

The falcon is a majestic bird in flight.

The Atlanta Falcons were flying high after seven weeks at 5-2. Michael Vick was red-hot, coming off two of the best games of his career. Everything was looking up.

Now the Falcons have dropped four straight games. Instead of flinging bullet passes down field, Vick is flinging double birds at the fans that are anything but majestic. The only things looking up for Atlanta right now are Vick’s middle fingers!

Vick needs to suck it up, be a leader and get his team back to work during the practice week. The Atlanta QB isn’t the only problem. There are many other issues for this team to worry about.

The majestic birds have some work to do and so does Denny The Dog. At 9-6, the dogs were the best in the NFL show. I wish I could have shown my money on a few more of them. If you see me, don’t ask how my picks have been. I might have to flip you the majestic in flight falcon. Let’s flip Week 13 into a lucky number.

Ravens +2 at Bengals: Baltimore hosted Cincy in Week 9. The Ravens took an early 14-0 lead with the help of a defensive TD. Three turnovers killed any chance the Bengals had to win in a 26-20 result. If Carson Palmer and his weapons protect the ball, I can see Cincy exacting some revenge. BENGALS.

Vikings +10 at Bears: Their records are anything but close, but these two clubs have a tendency to be involved in games that have a chance to go OT. The Bears eeked out a 3-point win in a low scoring affair at Minnesota in Week 3. VIKINGS.

Bucs +8 at Steelers: I think everyone would now agree with what the Bus said a few weeks ago. You can stick a fork in the champs. I don’t think Cowher will allow them to quit and the players have too much pride from the Super Bowl. The Bucs D was old when the season started. Now they’re 11 games older. Seems like 11 years. And, QB Gradkowski is too young! STEELERS.

Cards + 6½ at Rams: I’m having a difficult time picking either club to win the money. The Rams busted up a five game losing streak last Sunday with a come-from-behind last minute win over San Francisco. St. Louis has only cashed one ticket for its backers in the last five weeks. Cards have only two overall victories, but have covered the past two weeks. They may be a tad underrated here. CARDS.

Colts -9 at Titans: Tennessee should still be fired up over the 21 point fourth quarter comeback victory over the imploding Giants. Titans nearly upset the Colts in Week 5, falling by just 1. Don’t underestimate the power of the home dawg! TITANS.

Jags +1½ at Dolphins: The streaky Fish are on a four game run. The performance of a much maligned Joey Harrington is one of the main reasons for the success. Dolphins are playing with confidence on both sides of the ball. Jags are the more inconsistent team right now. DOLPHINS.

49ers +7 at Saints: Niners have won 3-of-4 and currently 4-0 during that span against the spread. Like the running of the bulls, the winning of the money is very exciting. NINERS.

Falcons +2 at Skins: If you were going to flip your season off, I mean over, seizing the moment against a rookie QB would be an ideal spot. I think Vick will be very humble later this week, once he realizes what he did was way out of line. FALCONS.

Chiefs -3½ at Browns: KC has won 5-of-6. I can’t back the home dog here. Brownies are beat up in the secondary and extremely weak on the offensive line. Should be no contest. CHIEFS.

Lions +13½ at Patriots: Pats may lose track of the Lions here. Sandwiched between the Bears and Dolphins, Lions look like a possible trap. LIONS.

Chargers -6½ at Bills: Buffalo has lulled a lot of people to sleep including myself. Don’t look now but P.J. Losman & Co. have won 3-of-4. Bills playing good enough defense to keep this game close. BILLS.

Jets +3 at Packers: Jets have won 2-of-3 and the defense has played well enough to win all three. JETS.

Cowboys -3½ at Giants: The Giants might need to fly Michael Vick in for this home game to handle the "mad-as-hell-and-they’re-not-going-to-take-it-anymore" Giants fans. Tony Romo is making it look easy. I thought it would be difficult for oddsmakers to find a big enough number here as bad as Eli Manning has played. The first number I saw looked too low to make me a taker. COWBOYS.

Texans +3 at Raiders: Oakland has dropped four straight and has only won twice all year. But "just cover baby" have won the greenbacks for their backers three straight weeks! Texans need a third game with Jacksonville. RAIDERS.

Seahawks +3 at Broncos: Seattle has been no ball of fire on the road. Just ask the last two hosts, Frisco and KC. Denver should be buzzing with anticipation over the expected announcement of Jay Cutler as the new QB. BRONCOS.

Panthers -3½ at Eagles: Do the Eagles miss McNabb? Did Da Bears crap out in New England? Yes and yes. No way you can make me take the home dog here. PANTHERS.