Jazz-Magic final? Nah

Nov 28, 2006 6:30 AM

A Utah-Orlando NBA final. It wouldn’t sell in Madison Avenue, but I wouldn’t mind seeing team basketball return to the "me first" league.

We can’t do much worse this time after a brutal week. Right?


Bucks at Lakers: The Michael Redd show hits L.A., but Kobe has adjusted to team game. Not like Milwaukee. LAKERS.


Pacers at Warriors: Golden State seems to feed at home against opponents off back-to-back games. Indiana was at Portland the night before. WARRIORS.

Rockets at Suns: Phoenix is scoring, but finally Yao Ming is playing the way he was expected to for Houston. ROCKETS.


Pistons at Heat: The Pistons are finding themselves after a slow start. Miami in a world of hurt without Shaq, forcing heavy minutes for D-Wade, Mourning and Haslem. Less defense. OVER.

Jazz at Lakers: It’s exciting to see Utah off to such a stellar start. Boozer and Okur are playing huge on the boards, This one should come down to the wire. JAZZ.