Try proactive keno!

Dec 5, 2006 1:21 AM

There’s no secret that part of my strategy in playing video keno is the notion of "re-setting" the game frequently, as virtually all of my big jackpots have come within the first few plays of re-setting the machine.

By "re-setting" I mean cashing out the EZ Pay ticket and beginning over again, or going back to the starting screen menu (on the Game King machine), then returning to the game.

It rarely actually entails remarking the keno numbers, which would be a tedious task since I customarily play Four Card Keno and Multi-Card Keno.

Oftentimes people ask why this works, if in fact it does work. First, let’s look at the opposite strategy: staying on your numbers without a break, that is, playing the game as if it were a live keno game by letting the numbers "come to you."

I know this doesn’t work because I’ve tested it several times — usually at great cost in time and mostly money!

For whatever reason, the keno machine often slips into a cycle in which the numbers simply won’t "come to you," no matter what.

Thus, it makes only sense that if you feel this is occurring then you should cash out and start again.

And starting again doesn’t require choosing new numbers. In fact, I rarely waver from the numbers I’ve selected to play.

I’ve had some slot experts tell me that the machine runs on various cycles, based on its current hold amount at any given time.

Those same experts say that it’s possible for a machine to be so far behind its hold percentage target that, no matter what you do, you won’t cash a big jackpot.

Well, I simply don’t know, not being an expert myself.

But I know that when I have problems with my personal computer, I can also "re-boot" and start over again. The process clears out all the junk re-starts all my programs.

It’s possible the same thing could be happening with the keno machine. Perhaps restarting does the same thing as re-booting. After all, everything behind the pretty blinking screen is computer driven.

Regardless, the taste-test evidence is this: Virtually every time you hear of a big jackpot, from catching a royal flush, seven out of seven or even Megabucks, the lucky winner invariably states they’ve played for just a few quick games or put in just a handful of dollars.

Lightening can and does strike, and it seems to hit on those games that have just started fresh.