Ohio home to W’s

Dec 5, 2006 2:59 AM

First, the mighty Steubenville Big Red held on to win their second straight State Championship 34-33.

The Big Red finished their second straight 15-0 season, which includes 10 playoff wins. It seems excessive that in high school you need to win five playoff games in order to win State. In college there are no playoffs, but what do I know?

In the good ole days, the college season would be over and Ohio State would be National Champions. Maybe Boise could get a little piece since both teams finished undefeated. Now, if for some ungodly reason Florida beats Ohio State and Boise beats Oklahoma, the Broncos would be the last undefeated team. In my humble opinion, they should be the National Champs.

The good thing is Boise will never be able to beat Oklahoma and the Gators with QB Leak will never beat the Buckeyes. Nothing to worry about in that scenario.

If Florida could some how pull it off, how could they be the National Champs especially if Michigan would beat Southern Cal? Michigan, Florida and Ohio State would all have just one loss. Florida’s setback was to Auburn 27-17 and the Gators just did beat Tennessee 21-20 and were very lucky to beat South Carolina (17-16), Vandy (25-19) and Georgia (21-14).

Heck, if it weren’t for a very stupid play by an Arkansas player who tried to fair catch a ball at his 3 and fumbled it into the end zone where Florida recovered it for a momentum turning TD, I wouldn’t even be considering any of this. Bottom line: If Michigan beats So Cal and Florida beats Ohio State (which won’t happen) and Boise beats Oklahoma, Boise should be the champs.

When Ohio State wins, there will be no argument except if Michigan beats So Cal. The Wolverines will be upset they didn’t get another shot. In the good ole days, Ohio State would be in the Rose Bowl and life would be good with all those New Year day games on the tube. I could just sit on the couch and enjoy myself with real sports broadcasters — not the "boobs" that just want to yack about everything but the game.

This past Sunday, after the big turnover in the Arkansas/Florida game. one of the announcers said that the momentum had now switched to Florida. The other goofball said he didn’t believe in momentum, that there was no such thing. Now what planet has this guy been living on?

Even with the BCS, there are some very good college bowl games such as the New Orleans Bowl. They don’t have enough problems down there on Bourbon St, so now they get Troy St vs Rice. What a great college bowl game! Not to take anything away from the New Mexico Bowl, where powerhouses San Jose State plays hometown favorite New Mexico.

We move on to the Motor City Bowl, where Central Michigan plays Middle Tenn St. Wow! On Saturday Jan 6, we have Western Michigan playing Cincinnati at the International Bowl in Toronto. In the Jan. 7 prelude to the National Championship game we have Ohio U and Southern Miss in the GMAC Bowl.

Out of control is all I have to say, other "GO BUCKEYES"!

The good thing is that there are no bowl games this week, so it’s on to the NFL.


(remember, bet opposite!)

Browns +8 at Pittsburgh: No way that the Steelers can cover this spread in this game. Just kidding, they can win by 10! STEELERS.


(go the other way!)

Ravens +3, Bucs +3, Giants +3½ (best bet), Cowboys -7, Jaguars +2, Bengals -10½, Broncos +7.