5 mistakes
not on Jake

Dec 5, 2006 6:21 AM

Jake Plummer is not likely to admit it, but deep down he probably felt vindicated after seeing the Denver Broncos self-destruct without him.

It wasn’t Jake The Mistake, but five errors the other Broncos made that allowed Seattle to hang in long enough and take a 23-20 overtime win. Now Denver goes into San Diego an early seven-point dog, wondering if subbing Jay Cutler for Jake really was the right option.

And, let’s give the Giants some credit. They didn’t beat Dallas, but Eli Manning had a solid effort and did lead his team down the field for the tying score when the game was on the line. Dallas prevailed 23-20, but the Giants covered the 3½ points so all was good.

Thank goodness the Bears have a great defense as Rex Grossman is continuings to regress at QB. It’s looking very much like 2005 when points had to come strictly through defense and special teams. Somebody better wake Lovie up and suggest that Devin Hester see some action on offense. He could be their Reggie Bush.

Falcons -3 at Bucs: Chuckie usually has the defense to contain Michael Vick, but not this time. The uninspired Bucs are back to being the Yucs on offense. FALCONS.

Raiders +10½ at Bengals: The Raiders have a defense, which has been reliable in covering double digit margins on the road. Cincy’s defense has allowed one touchdown in the last two games. Make that three. BENGALS.

Broncos +7 at Chargers: San Diego can smell an AFC West title and Marty is always up for paying Shanahan back for misery he’s suffered over the years at Mile High. And Jay, Shawne Merriman is looking for you. CHARGERS.

Giants +3½ at Panthers: Call me crazy, but the Giants are still very much in the NFC Wild Card hunt. I think they get the job done against a Carolina squad with its own Jake dilemma. GIANTS.

Colts -2½ at Jaguars: Dungy has spent so much time trying to develop Addai and the running attack that Peyton has lost some of his swagger. Jax knows how to beat Indy at home and needs to do it again here. JAGS.

Saints +6½ at Cowboys: So much went into the Giants game that you can expect Dallas to be a little flat. With Bush now a larger weapon, Drew Brees figures to clear 300 yards again. And, don’t forget the Katrina factor. SAINTS.

Vikings +3 at Lions: The Vikes need to stop the bleeding right here. Lions have no consistent pass rush so Brad Johnson should be back in his comfort zone. Vikes were once No. 1 in the NFL vs. the rush. Detroit can’t run. VIKES.