Don’t whine over
poker pay tables!

Dec 11, 2006 11:40 PM

Every now and then you might run across a number of posts on Internet video poker forums pertaining to "bad pay tables" here or "they took out the full-pay games" there.

Read them and one would come to the accurate conclusion that it’s as if the casinos are reaching inside these people’s pockets and taking money at will — much in the same way they do when these same misled players sit at their machines for hours on end to the finely tuned beat of the casino metronome.

The latest outcry came immediately after Caesars Palace in Las Vegas lowered it’s Jacks or Better and other pay tables.

What’s odd about this is that Jacks or Better — even in its full-pay form (9 for a full house and 6 for a flush) — is a game of losers anyway, with or without any amount of creative additions based on cash back, comps, gifts, tournament entries or even a sunny day. It is as boring a game as one will find in a casino, and with the only hands worthy of hitting that give any chance of winning — the straight flush and royal — it is a total cash cow for the casinos.

Yet the moaning and groaning continues. And everyone who follows that the "long-term" baloney makes believe they can win at a theoretical 99.54% game, but have no chance whatsoever when it goes to 98.6%.

I firmly know that the only way to win consistently over the years without all the jacked up values tossed in for the freebies and benefits is to play one or more of the my winning play strategies — always available for free at my site

And it is no coincidence that Jacks or Better was left out of all of my strategies in the same manner and for the same reason as the over-hyped and big-time loser Full Pay Deuces Wild — these games are for losers who just want to sit there and play without regard to profiting.

But why did Caesars (along with other casinos from time to time) lower their pay tables in the first place? That’s as simple an answer for me as any.

Casinos are first and foremost a business. They are there to attract and entertain customers, but the bottom line always comes first. And what do you see in every business — large or small — on the face of the earth? Yes, they continue to strive to improve their overall performance ”¦ they HAVE to continually improve on their revenue as well as profitability after taxes.

In the case of the casinos, when the suits come down on their middle management for just those reasons, the very first event that goes into motion is the lowering of certain pay tables. It happens all the time in nearly every casino everywhere, and the business never suffers because of it.

Naturally, the advantage players who NEED have heroes and gurus come out and say "they lowered the tables because the pros must have been hammering them into oblivion!"

Does this have any effect on whether I’ll play at Caesars or not in 2007? Of course, not. First, I only play Bonus Poker and most of the advanced versions of that game, such as Double Bonus/Double Double Bonus, Triple Bonus Poker Plus, and Super Double Bonus Poker. Those are the games with enough potentially high-paying hands that can send everyone home a winner most of the time if they follow my strategy advice.

Caesars continues to be a word-class resort with some of the best video poker on the Strip. Its new Augustus Tower offers rooms fit for, well, Caesar. It has the best Diamond Lounge (along with excellent/courteous/very friendly service) of any Harrah’s in the country. Critics love to sound off when they lose. Let’s not take their criticisms too seriously.