Don’t let ice numb
your poker face!

Dec 12, 2006 12:06 AM

Carol, as the folks back home are reading this, we are checked in at the Warrick Hotel, just around the corner from the world famous Aviation Club on Champs Elysee in Paris, France.

They play a lot of pot limit poker here in Europe, and they still smoke a lot but we are the guests of Bruno, who is the poker guru in Paris.

Bruno has been a wonderful host and I know that you and the girls are enjoying all of the fancy French cuisine in the Aviation Club’s five star restaurant. For myself, I will get by until I get some good old Okie food back home.

The European Seniors No Limit Poker Tournament, which I created and have been hosting at the Aviation Club for the past five years, sure is fun to play and host. I am so happy that Bruno has agreed with me that there will be no smoking in the tournament area.

I’m glad you remembered that it would be raining, windy and cold here in Paris, and that you thought to bring my Oklahoma long johns — they sure feel very good.

But our Oklahoma daughter, Sheri, who came along with her sister Oklahoma Sarah, said that in Tulsa they are suffering a winter snow storm rated coldest in a 100 years with the temperature down to near zero.

But we learned how to dress for the winter weather when I was a kid in Oklahoma. We would take some toe sacks and wrap our feet up in them, then take the bailing wire from the bales of hay and wrap the wire around the toe sacks and you could be out all day in the cold and snow and your feet would never even know it was cold.

Of course, Carol, being from Pennsylvania you’ve seen some cold weather, too, but probably nothing like the kind of cold wind that blows across the plains of Oklahoma.

I remember once a Blue Northern Storm came down through Kansas. It was called that because the sky in the north turns a very bright blue. Then there is a temperature inversion in which the mercury will drop 40 to 60 degrees in less than an hour. Then the north wind will blow like a poker player telling a bad beat story.

There is nothing to stop the north wind from roaring down from the North Pole through Kansas, except for those four strings of a barb wire fence up there near or about Kansas City, and most of the time those folks up there forget and leave the gate down.

I guess that is why we have so many wonderful poker players and beautiful girls in the great state of Oklahoma — there is nothing left to do except get into bed and pull the covers up over your head. Or put some more logs on the fire and play poker for a few days until that fellow up in Kansas puts the gate back up.

In Paris, the cold doesn’t stop you from having fun and our girls are shopping and having a great time. I’ll have more about that next week.

OK-J Poker Tip of the Week

When you hold AA or KK in a no limit poker game, they are very difficult to play.

Of course, you have the two best starting hands in the poker game, but unless you protect them they will make you very unhappy.

Raise enough so that you win a little pot or get the number of players down to one or no more than two players.

With AA or KK you will eat like an ant or you will dump like an elephant.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.